Pictures gallery - Oh yeah FP1(U) camera has potential!

Let’s share here our nicest pictures :slight_smile:

For techniques, tricks and “how to get the most out of our FP camera”, we’ve got that topic already :

The topic here should be only a nice gallery…
(which may convince people that FP camera has potential?! :blush: )


I have many great photos from my FP, but wanted to share this one. I’m not a great cameraman, but this came out well :smile:


I happy with many pictures I have taken. I do miss though to be able to do more stuff manually with the camera. It keeps focusing, whitebalancing and setting exposurelevels. I know the camera can do better, its up to the software!


I usually don’t take a lot of pictures, but I took this one just to share with you guys. It’s Campus Arenberg in Leuven (Heverlee). It’s take from the point of view where the departement of computer sciences is. Added a little filter to give it an even better look :wink:


@Robin What camera app did you use?

Just the default camera app with a filter from the default editing menu :wink:

Absolutely ok for a Smartphone, I’d say. Taken with the Cyanogenmod Standard Photo APP.


Great idea! I took some photos during the summer, trying to get the best out of this camera. I had some troubles in the low light (isn’t the flash a little bit weak?), but with good lights condition I took some nice shoot (at least I think so)
Sunrise @ Riccione (Rimini, Italy) on the Adriatic sea (w/ some brightness and contrast regulation).

I’m also trying the panorama (as usual some troubles with auto-iso in the sunset), but still good enough during the day.
Monte Ventasso (Reggio Emilia, Italy)

Thanks for your shares


Very nice @madde! where did you take this shoots?

The pictures you habe shared look great! Mine were taken in Germany’s Rhine-Ruhr area.

Thanks @madde, I’m sorry for the low res but I had to download them from g+ cause I don’t store them on the phone. They look great, beautiful places… Did u try the panorama mode? I’m unable to get a High resolution…



I think the resolution of 3088*535 is the maximum that the APP is able to process.

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Ahh that’s why… hope a sw update could imporve this aspect:D

Being ‘old school’ I’m still stuck with the idea that a phone is a device for phone calls, a camera a device for taking pictures. So taking photos with my phone is a kind of bonus and I don’t expect professional quality
However, I find the FP good enough hardware-wise (lens, sensor and the OS part of the software). I have switched from the default app to OpenCamera, though.
Here’s a pic from a stroll on the beach in the lovely September weather a few days ago, and a close-up on a flower in the garden:


This is a part of a panorama, so it has just 488 px in height. I don’t understand why the resolution of panoramas is less than n * the native resolution of the camera. (Could anyone point me to a Camera app which actually stitches together high resolution images?)

A played with it a bit because lighting conditions were rather difficult, but for a snapshot of King’s Landing, I consider this just to be OK.


there are a lot of these apps for your computer, if thats helps… So you can just take some “high-res” pictures and stitch them together on your pc…

Thanks, @madde, I know. I do use my :camera: for “proper” panoramas, but it would be nice if I could use the always-with-me :iphone:-like-camera for that, as well. I don’t see why it goes down to ~500-400 px in height for panoramas. Should be possible to get slightly more out of it, I think.


ah very cool! :smile: Was this a coincidence or were you there specifically to visit locations of the show?

Depends on how you see it. Let’s say I had something important to do. And enjoyed it. FTR, the whole region is FULL of lions. And some dragons. (Whoever is interested why: go read some books. :slight_smile: Or Wikipedia, if you must. Books are much better. They tell history with a storyline… and sometimes an agenda. As do sculptors.)

As in other known circumstances, the lion defeats the dragon, usually.

(Ok, I admit, that was shot with a DLSR. Not technically possible without a proper lens.)

But sometimes he cares about sheep more than about the dragons.

(Cut from a FP pic. Difficult conditions, quite strong contrasts as well, and some unwanted effects because of this. Not really nice: see the blur around the lion’s head? That’s from HDR / camera movement. )

Under all circumstances, the Sphinx is definitely defeated…

…and, in this case, even decapitated. FP standard camera, with build-in-effects - BW filter and a frame, I think. OK’ish, isn’t it? (Please note that no Sphinx was harmed during this production, and AHA was monitoring all activities.)

Bottom line: I did not expect to much of a 3.5mm lens with a phone attached to it. But for a quick snap and a social-media-whatever snap, it’s OK. I’m happy with most of the results, even though focussing under dynamic conditions can be a bit difficult. The panorama height is a joke, and HDR is a really bad joke. If you ever shot HDR with any dedicated camera, you won’t go back to the Android/Fairphone version. Never.

BTW, I also installed the “Camera2” from F-Droid, which is actually a bit better in most circumstances, but has the habit of crashing every now and then. And I got ObscuraCam from The Guardian Project, which helps you to pixelate faces if you want to protect the privacy of people in a shot you want to share publicly. The latter works as intended, but the UI is sometimes a bit lagging.