Pictures gallery - Oh yeah FP1(U) camera has potential!

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Maastricht, the Netherlands. I haven’t figured out all camera features, just taking shots as I go about.


Not edited - Snapped with “Open Camera”
( great detail ! )

Climate March, in Paris last Sunday :

Not edited - Snapped with “Open Camera”

Oh yeah FP camera has potential! :blush: I have my fairphone for 10 days, globally I am very happy with this picture quality.

Get the most out of your FP camera

A few years ago, my wife planted a passion fruit seed in a flowerpot… this year we could pick and share the first fruit:

Just snapped with OpenCamera on autofocus, cropped at top/bottom afterwards (no further editing). Definitely good enough for me (and so was the passion fruit :slight_smile: )


Made a few days ago with the standard camera app:




Not edited - Snapped with “Open Camera”


Silly question, how to post my photo here from my FP? It says drag or paste. But I can’t copy from gallery or drag anything. There is an Upload button down below but all it does us save the draft text. How did you all post your lovely photos?


Trying to post my photo by replying to the email. Let’s see if it works…
Quidi Vidi Harbour, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Taken in July with the stock camera app, no edits.


Schönes Wetter in Südschweden!


@Thomas_Jarck, that’s a picture from “Independence Day 2”, right ?


Not edited - Snapped with “Open Camera”


Amsterdam Zuid station. I put on a black&white filter and adjusted the contrast with the stock app & cropped it afterwards.


Using the Camera ICS+ app, all default settings (auto WB), and shooting into a blizzard :wink:
(Some gentle editing in Lightroom… mostly sharpening and vertical distortion correction)


Generally I went back to using my modest 10 y.o. 5.1 MP digital camera, but every now and then the FP1U produces a good shot, in my experience it’s usually just close-ups (also with artificial light) though. One of my favourites:

Standard camera app, no editing.


Schloss Friedrichsfelde im Tierpark or am I wrong? How come you did not get any pelicans in the pic? Schöne Grüße an die Spree


I just found this picture on my phone and couldn’t believe that I had made it with my FP1 using Open Camera. Not edited.


Picture made with FP1, unbelievable good :-).
Tamil Nadu, South India


Has visible shortcomings (especially in the brown foreground), and I did play around with the levels in Photoshop first. I rather wanted to keep the gloomy atmosphere though, so I reverted everything back to this unedited state.

Default Camera app.


My F1U screen started seriously misbehaving and some days later it went completely dead! The phone would switch on, but the screen was not responding at all.
Thanks to the awesome support and Fairphone policy, my F1U was shipped,repaired and returned to me in 7 days (including a weekend), all in good time for this PIC of Antelope Canyon, AZ to be taken with it!

Thanks Fairphone!!!


Yeah! My thumbs are also up! Great support!


Fairphone 1 [unedited: Basilika de Notre Dame de Fouvière]