Pictures gallery - Oh yeah FP1(U) camera has potential!

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Hiking in the Austrian mountains:


I couldn’t make up my mind which of the following two different shots is better.


FP1U, Open Camera, edited (tonal correction)

Click for unedited version


Or that:

FP1U, Open Camera, unedited


I like the first one unedited best. Great contrast and more details in the leave than the edited one.


FP1, Open Camera, edited (contrast, saturation); Bastia, Corse


FP1, Open Camera, unedited; Berne, CH


Only just noticed this one again from three years ago (taken 20 August 2014 – just four weeks after having gotten my FP1U). Admittedly not the most appealing object, but still a comparatively crisp shot.

Default Camera app, no editing.


I just want to document that my FP1 still works.

FP1, Open Camera, unedited; Hohe Tauern, AT


Another oldie from my archives …
mildly edited (levels):



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Good light is good luck :slight_smile:


FP1U OpenCamera, no editing. This afternoon.