Camera bad quality when difficult light condition

Hi community

I’m a bit disappointed about the camera image quality on difficult light conditions.when the sun is shining very bright or there are bright lights on the image, they get to ‘stars’ or ‘washy’. See images uploaded.
Has someone the same problem?
Is there a solution by software?I use open camera (with volume button as trigger :-))

Thank you!

I would suspect (especially when looking at the second pic) dirt or grease either on the glass covering the lens or on the lens itself. Try cleaning with a cotton tip swap and lens cleaning fluid and see if that improves image quality. It’s definitely not normal image standard.


You’re right, when I clean it better, there are less ‘stars’…! But it’s annoying to clean on every shot the lens very well…

I am having these issues too but trying to get around them. Wiping the lens is one think one can do. Some reading: There are two threads that i know about dealing with different aspects of the camera.

Thanks for your tipps, cleaning the lens really helps. my pictures are much better… i think it’s fat on the lens which causes the “stars”. maybe it’s because i’ve no case for my phone…?!

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