Get the most out of your FP camera

The first thing i did when getting my phone was using the camera. Finally i could have this one gadget with me that I could use for “everything”. There are a lot of pros and cons though to it and i have been looking for techiques and software to get rid of the cons (the problems so to speak). Today i found this post about some things you can do to get better pictures and i thought it could be a good thing to start a thread about.

Besides the stock camera i bought Camera Awesome (I got a tip from someone at FP) and i like it. Autodesk then has an app called Pixlr Express to edit the photos and put filters on them. I also use stock gallery but i think ill try Google Fotos next. Lately i tried Camera Zoom FX - Free - here you can edit and put filters on directly. It got loads of features but also in app purchases that is very annoying.

My concerns are when taking macro shots because the camera won’t auto focus on close objects. I can clearly see that in the process of focusing that the camera is capable of focusing but in the end it always focus on things further away. Therefor I have been searching for an app with manual focus. Some apps do have that but it does no work on the PF.

I also need to wipe the cover window for the lens, that is the first thing ill do if the focus behaves bad och the shot is greyish or dull.

The panoramas is mostly not usable - i cant get a decent resolution on those.

I really hope to find out how to get the camera to perform at its best potential.

So what are your tricks and techniques?


I use QuickPic as gallery app. I prefer it over the stock one because it has some more options and its videoplayer doesn’t obscure the screen when changing the volume (volume slider is smaller, vertical and in the left top corner of the screen)

I would really be interested in a solution for the makro problem. I am having the same issues as you described. Another thing that would be interesting to hear about is the WB… Mine seems to be always,well, not working properly.

I now have four camera apps, none has true manual focus but they do give me different results. Ill just keep on trying new ones i guess. I am close to believe manual focus cant be done.


I don’t think auto focus is posssible.

@Nordlig, can you tell us more ? Which one is the most balanced ? :blush: Thanks!

Is someone having success in focus while tryin to take a macro?

Only partially - the auto-focus seems to be weakest at short distances. Also, I guess the usual rules apply to auto-focus… the more contrast it can work with, the better. Does anyone know the minimum focus distance (and is this affected by which app you use)?

Stumbled upon a short film about some tips when using the mobile camera, they seem fun


I use “Open Camera” and it’s doing a very good job. No problem with Macro focus.

I set the “image quality” ( = jpeg compression ) to 96%…


Yesterday I recieved my Fairphone and I was taking a look to the camera.

At the top of the camera appears some options (as shortcuts) to select.

My question is if it is possible to change this shortcuts and select the ones that I usually use (that in Fairphone are in the camera menu). I’m used to have shortcuts to flash, to light control (exposition value) or white balance.

Thank you very much!