Camera resolution (Choosing the image size)

My camera only delivers 6 megapixles. When I got it I could choose 8 mp. Don´t understand what happened? Additionally the images are very small, maximum 1 mB. Low resolution! Is there anything I can do to change that. Of course I´ve tried to change the settings but without any result.

Hi milklev,

do you mean tht the 8MB option has disappeared from the menu? Or that the camera is set to 8MB but only delivers 6MB? (in the latter case: how have you been able to ascertain this?)

MP count is also dependent on height/withd ratio. IIRC, a 4:3 pic will always have more pixels than a 16:9 pic, other things being equal. Maybe you changed the ratio settings?

Do not confuse MPs with MBs (resolution and file size). The size of the picture file will vary dependinmg on the degree of jpeg compression. FPs default camera app compresses rather heavily, resulting in relatively small file size. You can try another camera app (e.g. OpenCamera) that allows you to adjust compression.

And remember that it is a phone, after all. You will never be able to reach the same image quality as with a DSLR camera handling RAW files.

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Hi Kgha
Thanks, great! I changed from full screen to 4:3 and suddenly the 8mp option occured! No I don´t expect the same from my phone as from a DSLR. But I will try another app, why not opencamera. Thanks again!

Hi @miklev,

glad to hear that you could fix it!

And why not taka a look at this thread: Pictures gallery - Oh yeah FP1(U) camera has potential!

I’m glad you got this issue fixed :slight_smile: . This topic is now closed. New replies are no longer allowed.