Volume button as the camera shutter

Hi all,
I have my Fairphone since… one month! And a smartphone since… one month too!! So I’m a real newcomer in the discipline.
I have some friends that have other smartphones that use also Android and they can use the volume button as the camera shutter. Is that possible with the Fairphone to do that?.. and what is the method to do that?

I actually have a Cherry 1.6 (Android 4.2.2).

Thanks for your answers… and sorry if the answer is already in the forum (I have not found it o_O )

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Don’t think (but I might be wrong) the default camera app allows you to link volume button to the shutter, but there are a lot of other apps that do. At present I’m testing ‘Open Camera’ (free, can be found in Play Store) and there the volume button can be used for taking photo/focus/zoom and a few other alternatives.

Thanks kgha! I’ll try this app asap and leave a comment… if need be!


Hi @Pierrot

First of all: welcome to the world of smartphones and in general welcome to the Fairphone family!

Another app I’ve found that uses the volume buttons as the camera’s shutter is VolShutter . I haven’t tried it yet but it seems like a decent app. Perhaps you should to give it a try :wink:

Happy Fairphone-ing !

Kind regards.


Thanks for your two answers (and a special for Robin for the welcome :wink: )

Two quick remarks:

  • about “Open camera”: I had an error while trying to install it. I have restart the phone… and it seems working.
  • about “VolShutter”: I tried the installation but stop because of two resons: the mention “Biedt in-app-aankopen / Achats via l’application proposés / Offers in-app purchases …” … what does it mean exaclly (Adverts? Paying app?..) But the main reason is that I’ll wait that I’ll be connect on wifi. 6.2Mo: the install risks to be very slow on the telephone network.

And a quick conclusion: the winner is “Open Camera”. My first impressions: :slight_smile:

  • the app is very intuitive and propose all the options expected for a… standard camera
  • I haven’t test all the types of scene mode but the standard quality seems good
  • :expressionless: I haven’t found how to put in the “screen GUI” the selection of the scene mode… that schould be great!
  • :expressionless: the app seems to be a little slow comparing with the default camera app of the fairphone
  • I can take a photo with the volume button… :smiley:

So, I will try VolShutter only if I am disappointed by Open Camera.

Greetings to all

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@Pierrot: ‘Biedt in-app-aankopen’ simply means that you can buy additions, or a pro/full license, from within the app (without having to open PlayStore separately). It has become more or less standard for Android (and iPhone) apps. It has nothing to do with ads or having to pay for the app itself.
As I understand, it is perfectly safe as long as you have protected yourself against unapproved purchases!!! Go to PlayStore settings > User control - Require password… and make your choice. “For all purchases through GooglePlay” (default) is strongly recommended!

Oh, and I agree with what you say about Open Camera - it would be great if it was possible to choose scene mode directly from the screen. Much more valuable than those rather odd options now available, e.g. compass direction and free memory.

@pierrot, do not hesitate to share some samples here :wink: :

Focal from F-Droid also uses the Volume button as the camera shutter.

Some info about the camera can also be read here - tips about camera apps and techniques.

Just visit this link, it’s worked for me. http://indahpurngrm.blogspot.co.id/2016/04/how-to-use-volume-key-to-take-picture.html?m=1

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This is amazing!! THANK YOU for posting it :grin:

thanks so much for the tip of using Open Camera, it works great!
I already gave up on using the selfie stick, it was laying in a drawer for almost a year now, just found it and now I have it working, thanks so much