My FP2: 4 years and counting

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Happy new year, and most important: when do we get the 4 years badge? :rofl::rofl:


Ms @Monica.Ciovica to the rescue! :angel:


Once that @Monica.Ciovica might already be in the according badge creation menu, she could also create a “6 Years of Fairphone 1” badge… Just in case… :wink:


Seeing so many threads recently about issues with the FP2 and FP3, this one is some refreshing good news to read!


It’s only natural that issues converge in potentially trouble-solving forums or the internet at large and get emphasised this way. Just do an internet search with any given smartphone name together with “problem” :wink: .
Most people without smartphone trouble will never just post that everything works fine for them.

For the Fairphone 2 we have this topic …


just to add my praise of the FP2: running perfectly with one battery replacement and 3 case changes since… puh, must have been when it came out bc it’s from the first delivery. had the same good experience with my FP1. no intention to switch to FP3 anytime soon as i’d prefer my next fairphone to have a smaller screen (iPhone 5S size).


I’m now in the „4 years of Fairphone 2“ club, too. And I still do not have the need for a new smartphone.


Ordered mine during the crowdfunding and received it after Christmas. Therefore having my FP2 for great 4 years. Replaced the bottom module, battery, the old case for the slim case and upgraded the cameras.
Still happy and looking forward to use it for as long as possible!


I own the FP2 for more than 4 years now, changed the device one time after 1,5 years because it died after a software update, but in case of warranty.

Now after FP3 came out, I bought a second FP2 as a spare parts source and hope to be a happy user of my FP2 for another two years ore more.

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Four years and counting, too. Since LineageOS 16 the phone has no more major flaws. I’m looking forward to using it another year.

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