My FP2: 3 years and counting

Haha no, not at all but I convinced a few people to buy one and also I have some friends who are really committed to live an as sustainable lifestyle as possible :slight_smile:


Oh cool. I guess I am an early-enough adopter for a 3 year badge, also.

Shipdate 25/05/2016.

We have a love-hate relationship but it’s still my full-time phone. Some of the glitches are glitchy enough that they get in the way of having a seamless experience (random reboots, touchscreen frozen when charging, proximity sensor issues during phone calls, uncertainty about connecting to foreign networks).


You have probably heard these before, so this is just to make sure:

  • “touchscreen frozen when charging” => might require better cable (existing one might have no or damaged grounding)
  • “proximity sensor issues” => Settings > Maintenance > Proximity sensor

Well my love for the fp has cooled down because of all the glitches
I’m still using it, but it can’t be trusted :frowning:

MeToo, MeToo :clap:

Delivered 25/01/2016.
I only had the camera focus and case issue. Otherwise it performs smooth.
Recently switched to Marshmallow and all went flawless. No glitches, crashes or troubles of any kind.
I was quite surprised about the extended battery life. I couldn’t believe it.
Also performance got better, scrolling and handling goes even more smooth.
A good condition and new fun to stick even longer with it. Great investment.


Thank you! I have found and used these tips. The more people who see these tips, the better.

For me, the situation improves but the problems are still there. And the rebooting :joy:

I am still the proud owner of a Samsung S3 that can serve as a backup in a pinch. And a 12-year-old Sony Ericsson, but I don’t think it’ll be going back on the network anytime soon.

There you go - I still say Sony knows how to built proper batteries which most often is a total killer on the long run.

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Like many others, I ordered the FP2 in July 2015 and received it about half a year later. It’s been a love-hate relationship ever since.
I bought a new screen (because of white spots and an unresponsive touchscreen while charging), a new case (because the original one fell apart), new camera and top modules (because of poor photo quality) and a new battery.

The fact that it comes without bloatware made me stay on the official Fairphone OS. And I need a reliable phone where everything just works. Well, it often didn’t. Countless hours were spent beta testing new firmware releases, analyzing and documenting bugs. I was close to just throwing it against the wall more than once. The fact that this never hapened speaks for itself. (And it probably would have survived that. Robustness really is one of its strong sides. No pun intended.)

To be completely honest, the FP2 experience made me lose trust in Fairphone as a company. I won’t buy a “FP3”. But if it should leave a significantly better impression than the previous models I might consider giving them another chance by getting a “FP4” (or “FP5”) at some point in the future. And I appreciate what they have undoubtedly achieved: Raising awareness for working conditions and sustainability in consumer electronics.

On a positive side, I still very much appreciate the Fairphone community. I’ve recently switched to LineageOS in a last effort before giving up on the phone. That made a big difference. Now I can see myself potentially using it for another year or two. A big thanks to everyone who brought LineageOS to the FP2!

And now… badge, pleeease! :wink:


Got mine since the 31st of August 2016. I can now apply for the badge!
I am really happy with my FP2. I had never bought a smartphone before, but I had used at least 3 that I got for free from friends and family. The FP2 was much more stable!
I switched to Fairphone open OS already on the the first day and now use Lineage. Everything works fine.
For me, the FP2 is a real success: it shows that you can make a fairer phone and it works. The problems I read on the Forum are things that happen when you launch a phone (remember iPhone 4’s antennagate? Samsung’s battery gate? When people show me the problems they have with phones like Wiko, I feel quite happy with my FP2). But it shows that people care about how their phone is made and that some of them are willing to give more time and money for it to be a faire phone. Just like when I buy plastic free groceries, fair and organic: I have to go to special stores, to bring my own jars, it takes more time.
I really hope that other manufacturers will follow in Fairphone’s footsteps and that people will be able to buy fairer iPhones or Samsungs, but as for myself I will rather keep on following Fairphone as long as they try to make the phone industry better.


In more than 3 years of of heavy use it’s been only once that my FP2 has excluded me from using information services (local digital library) because of its outdated OS. And it’s been only during the last days of the three year period…

It has proven practicability, usability and durability. Sometimes there have been a few reboots (nothing unusual with dual SIM devices - insiders told me). Dismantling and reassembling always fixed them. I am really glad to be capable of helping myself in such situations.

I do not have to think a lot about my phone. It just works. This is the most convincing USP I can imagine (despite the fact that you keep in touch with the greening of Western economies).

That is what I would like to testify also via the famous badge! Thanks!


Here another one that is going strong for three years now.
Most of it is still original, except for the back cover, a voluntary back camera upgrade and swapping the battery around.


Ah, we collect badges here yeah? Bought mine in april 2016, so I guess my Fairphone is now also 3-and-a-bit years old. Modifications:

  • Replaced the bottom module 3 times as the microphone kept breaking. The current bottom module lasted over a year,
  • Replaced the battery roughly every year, as stability becomes a huge issue as the battery wears with multiple reboots a day before the 19.11.02 OS update,
  • Replaced the case three times, two malfunctioning flex-cases, and one malfunctioning hard-shell case (cracks in the bottom corners).

Not perfect, and I can tell the screen is getting quite bad (coloured stains in several areas) but it’s still running absolutely fine and better with every software update!


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Here is another 3y happy user. I got mine before X-mas 2016. Running Fairphone Open ever since.

I am very happy with it, the battery gets a bit weak now but it still lasts 1 day with little usage and even more when kept for just being called.

Changes up to now: the back case. The first had the known issue that it bent at the buttons but I had decided to buy the transparent case because of its great design anyway. The moment I had it in my hands I realized it would not last long, too hard and brittle plastics and I got a free replacement much later-on, when it started to break into pieces. The new cover is in blue.

I am still using the 1st camera. For doing really nice pictures, I have a separate camera.

My intention is to keep it at least until its 5th birthday, so another 2 years to go. There are now first pure Linux phones in development, that would be a great solution for privacy. By then, hopefully these solutions will be mature and even more hopefully they will also provide fair devices.


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I feel like I’m running behind. I got my refurbished FP2 in July 2017. If you’re still handing them out, could I have a 3 year badge please :blush:?

‘One of the First 17,418’. New battery about 9 months ago. Back cover now has a few cracks, but has saved the phone after a couple of drops!

Otherwise, no issues. Upgraded both camera modules. LineageOS 17.1. Looking forward to a few more years :partying_face:


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