My FP2: 3 years and counting

Hi Everyone
I have been using my FP2 for three years now. I ordered it during the crowdfunding in July 2015. I am happy about it and it’s my dear daily companion since I received it. I had to exchange the bottom module twice and the screen once on warranty. I bought myself the slim case due to damaged original bumper. I upgraded both my cameras to the newer one’s. I am very happy with the product.
What are your long term experience with the FP2?
I would like to add the three years of FP2 to my title. Is it possible? Thanks!


I granted you the bage, now you go to your profile to select it as a title.

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I think this forum can definitely use some positive reviews, so here’s mine!

I got my FP2 in June of 2018, and it’s been smooth sailing.

First thing I did was install FPOOS, which suffered from random reboots; this problem went away when I reflashed the operating system, so no real problems there.

I got my FP2 with the translucent case, which cracked after some time like so many did and Fairphone replaced it free of charge (as they did for everyone), so again, no problem.

Other than that, the headphone jack started underperforming recently because for some time, I kept my phone in a jacket pocket where the headphone plug was pressed on by a bag strap, bending the socket out of shape. So I took the phone apart, rebent whatever needed rebending, and it’s working fine now. And I’ve moved my phone to a different pocket!

It takes great pictures (OpenCamera in HDR mode can produce some especially nice shots), it’s stable, it has good battery life. The hardware is perfectly capable and will be for years to come - in my estimation anyway.

A good, solid phone with a focus on functionality rather than gimmicks, and of course, great reparability for those who are so inclined. I used my previous phone, a Sony, for seven years, and I hope to use this one for a decade at least - and it’s looking good so far.


Oops I misread it. Such a badge for the FP2 doesn’t exist yet.

@anon83519835 could you create one?

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Thanks Paula.
@anon83519835 also for other FP2 users, 1yo, 2yo, 3yo would be great! Thanks!

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My story is very similar to the original poster’s…
Ordered my Fairphone 2 in Summer 2015 and received at the end of December 2015.
It has been my daily driver every since and never let me down!
I have gone through several Cases (I think five so far) , have replaced the two camera modules and the battery.

But I think the biggest value of Fairphone to me was the entry into the world of fair electronics and open source. Fairphone’s contribution of an Open Source Android as well as the absolutely amazing community have made the transition to a self-determined digital life possible.


Hi Everyone,
I’ve also one of the ones who ordered the FP2 during the crowdfunding phase in July 2015.
It was delivered to me end of January 2016.
Since them it’s my daily driver and I’m a happy and proud FP2 owner, who hopes that he will be able to use it many more years. :slight_smile:

Longterm experience:

  • Still using initial battery with a battery live of around 3 days
  • Display was changed as my initial one had some “clouding” issues and a new case, now I’m using the slim case.
  • Changed to LineageOS some time ago, before that I’ve done also Beta Testing for FPOS.

So, here I am. My fp2 is from the crowdfunding also, number 4 thousand something, delivered end of year 2015. Some exchange of covers, and still on the translucent slim cover, i put some glue on it and hope it keeps together somewhat longer… This cover simply is too cool! Some (seldom) spontaneous reboots, no other problems, even though I’m using it on the challenging navigation tasks :slight_smile:
Btw, I’m on Los since it was available and i got me the new cameras and a new battery.

Edit: also daily heavy use, battery only lasts 3/4 of the day max…


Hello, me too I have been using my FP2 for three years. I ordered it during the crowdfunding in May 2015. Me too I had to exchange the bottom module twice, the screen, the case and the battery once on warranty. I recently change the bottom module again. I always have the original cameras.
I’m on LOS since almost one year. I charge the battery at 80% and I have a battery life of two days if I stay at home …


Three years and counting - me too!
My Fairphone and me, we’ve been through the official FairphoneOS, Fairphone Open OS, Fairphone Open OS self-compiled (Android 5 and 6), two softbricks and finally LineageOS (Android 7 and 8). What a journey - I hope it continues :grinning:


FP1 user since the first crowdfunding batch. Excellent phone.
Then switching to the FP2, first batch. Since then i having now my 3rd FP2 broken. (Display is glitching and stays black, phone is unuseable). I have bought several times a new Display due to some “there is now sensitivity” in some areas of the phone. After the first year i got some
replacement due to warranty, which is now broken with the same Core-Module-Error than the first one. I really try hard to handle all this problems, just kept in mind, that it is a “fair”-phone with all the good impact. But since one year a have allways a spare-Mobil-phone, if my fp2 is broken or not willing to work. Now this is again brokren (core Module) and i am not willing to put again more money in this phone.

I bought last year in August one FP2 for my girlfriend, which was broken after 2 month and which is now replaced again.

this is not a satisfying story. sorry for that.
i will move on to something else.


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I created the 3 years badge :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll make sure tho have the 1 and 2 years done today as well :raised_hands:


I’m not sure we should reward having a Phone for one or two years. :wink:
With the FP1 we started with 3 years too.


It can also be viewed as a statement, not just a ‘reward’. If there are proud Fairphone 2 users that have the phone for 2 years only and would like to have that badge, what is the harm? :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks for sharing your experience with the Fairphone 1 and 2. It’s not only about good stories. I just asked about the long term experience. I also had some issues and replaced some modules. I am sorry for your troubles.
As I understood you are not using a Fairphone anymore, right? If I may ask, what phone are you using now? Have you heard of Shiftphone? I know three people who have it and they are happy with it.
And you wrote the FP1 is an excellent phone, why are you not using it anymore? what made you swith to the FP2?

@schilyv - the FP1 is not updating anymore. So most of the software is outdated and vulnarable (Browser). But the Phone is still working good! I switched from FP1 to FP2 because i like to support the movement and the new phone.

Right now, i am using my sparephone, which is a nexus 6. My FP2 was broken after X-Mas, so i made an issue at the support, but the just say, that that is not a warranty-issue. So right now, i don´t have the trust into some new fairphone, so that i don´t want to put more money in it.

The Shiftphone i allready know, but right now, i hadn´t the time to have a look. For me my phone should be “Fair” and also should have the ability to be used with another OS than Android.



I do understand your frustration and hope you have not fully given up on alternative phones like Fairphone or Shiftphone.

I’d like to apply for the 3 years of FP2 badge. I also bought in from the crowdfunding and received it at the end of December 2015. The FP1 I previously owned still worked fine but since I was commuting every week its limitation on UMTS - paired with lousy UMTS coverage in rural areas - made me do the switch. Mainly I did it for LTE. I gave the FP1 to my wife, she used it until early 2018 when I bought her a FP2. The FP1 now serves as spare parts for someone in France.

My problems with the FP2 are minor and tolerable. It sometimes reboots. In direct sunlight the touch layer goes crazy. Video acceleration doesn’t work. I have to switch on the flashlight to make it shutdown. That’s okay for me because I can mostly avoid these obstacles. My wife’s phone doesn’t suffer some of these disabilities (reboots and touch screen), this is why I think quality has improved over time.

I’m still happy with it and I see no reason to switch to a newer, fancier phone at the moment.


Also bought ny FP2 during the crowdfunding phase and received it in early January 2016. Had the disply replaced in May 2016 due to unresponsive areas, no problems since then. Somewhen in 2017 (iirc) I moved to LineageOS with microG, currently running version 15.1.
Fo me, the FP2 was the very first time I took part in a crowdfunding campain. A bit later this forum was the first one ever I actively took part in.
The most important effect for me, however, was that Fairphone raised my awareness for global fairness in electronics and - together with this community - made me by far mor conscious about global fairness in general. Thanks to all of you guys!
Would be happy to receive the 3-years-FP2 badge/title (plus the 4- and 5-year one in the next years). :smile:


:uk: Oh. My Fairphone 2 has also celebrated its 3rd birthday some days ago, more precisely on 8 January. Belated happy bithday! (Super practical to have the delivery date in the profile.)

Although it is three years old, it still runs smoothly and I didn’t experience compatibility problems so far. It had some faults but thanks to the modularity, only the respective module had to be replaced. With another phone, the motto would have been: Throw away – buy new. The Fairphone 2 proves that it is not necessary to have a new phone every two years and an expensive contract. I first had an unpleasant feeling when I spent the 531.64 € (as other devices were much cheaper), but Fairphone relived me from that, especially with the regular updates.

Now, if I would need a new smartphone, I would first look at Fairphone.

:de: Oh. Mein Fairphone 2 hat auch vor ein paar Tagen, genauer gesagt am 8. Januar, seinen dritten Geburtstag gefeiert. Alles Gute nachträglich zum Geburtstag! (Super praktisch, das Lieferdatum im Profil stehen zu haben.)

Obwohl es inzwischen drei Jahre alt ist, läuft es immer noch flüssig und ich erlebte bislang keine Kompatibilitätsprobleme. Es hatte zwar einige Defekte, aber dank der Modularität brauchte nur das entsprechende Modul ausgetauscht zu werden. Mit einem anderen Telefon hätte das Motto gelautet: Wegschmeißen – neu kaufen. Das Fairphone 2 beweist, dass es nicht notwendig ist, alle 2 Jahre ein neues Telefon sowie einen teuren Vertrag zu haben. Ich hatte zuerst ein ungutes Gefühl, als ich die 531,64 € ausgab (weil andere Geräte deutlich billiger waren), aber Fairphone hat dieses Gefühl insbesondere mit den regelmäßigen Updates zerstreut.

So würde ich jetzt, wenn ich ein neues Smartphone bräuchte, zuerst bei Fairphone nachschauen.