Performance of Fairphones vs Moral

When Fairphone startet i was excited and helped crowdfunding the enterprise, half year later I got my FP1. All worked well until the operating system got outdated, some Apps would not work any more. And Fairphone could not provide up-to-Date firmware. Instead, 3 years after they started they informed me that my phone would be due to be changed for a new one.
All that loud talk about sustainability… I consider buying and consuming as little electronics as possible as most sustainable. My impression about Fairphone: it mainly helps it’s employees and owners of their phones to feel good. Plus developing FP’s business.
Am overdue buying a new phone. But am distrustful buying another fairphone

True, but not entirely Fairphone’s fault, as they were dependent themselves on the chip vendor for support, which wasn’t there anymore.
Thats why they didn’t choose Mediatek again for the next phone.
Learning curve.

Anyway, when prioritizing App compatibility, people made do with the available Android 4.4.2 alpha, and nowadays make do with @z3ntu’s rather well received Android 4.4.4 build.

Not necessarily a bad thing :slight_smile: .
Don’t you want the employees to feel good about their work?
I get what you want to say, though, I just don’t see it this gloomy.

How dare they try to stay in business and continue to try to better the industry :slight_smile: ? What kind of an argument is this?
Afterall we’re all stuck in capitalism, with all its basic problems. How are Fairphone supposed to operate outside it?

The good thing is that nobody forces you to, but we could have used some recommendation now on which choice would be better if we want to make a point … at least when keeping a current phone any longer finally may fail as an option.
Buying second-hand, albeit a good idea in general, is not everybody’s favourite thing to do regarding electronics.

We as customers can try to help with that, can’t we?


I was proud to have a Fairphone myself and it worked for me as a first encounter with smartfone, until… I found out the SAR score of the FP2 is very high. My girlfriend gets literally sick of the amount of radiation it is spreading. I respect the environment but I care also for the wellbeing of my beloved. Due to this I had to change to Samsung note 8, which has a way lower SAR score. You can check SAR info on a German site

That confuses me a bit. Your girlfriend must have had endless calls.
The FP2 has much lower SAR as of most Iphone models.

The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection states:

SAR soll nicht mehr als 2 Watt pro Kilogramm betragen
SAR shall not exceed 2 watts per kilogram


This is the comparsion of Apple and Fairphone

Mit Auswirkungen auf die Gesundheit ist dann zu rechnen, wenn bestimmte Schwellenwerte überschritten werden und die Wärmeregulierung des Körpers gestört ist. Im Tierexperiment wurden zum Beispiel gesundheitliche Wirkungen nachgewiesen, wenn sich die Körpertemperatur über einen längeren Zeitraum um deutlich mehr als 1° Celsius erhöht hatte.
Health effects can be expected if certain threshold values are exceeded and the body’s heat regulation is disturbed. In animal experiments, for example, health effects were demonstrated if the body temperature had increased by significantly more than 1° Celsius over a longer period of time.


The federal office also states:

In mobile radio with […] frequencies around 1 gigahertz (GHz), the radiation penetrates only a few centimetres into the human tissue.

Now we could estimate how long a mobile phone with SAR < 2W/kg needs to head up the human body generally “significantly more than 1° Celsius over a longer period of time” by considering on how deep the radiation goes into.
If I wait for my meal heated up in a microwave with ~2000 times more power than the FP2 it takes several minutes.
@ all techies: I know this comparison limps a bit :wink:

Conclusion of the federal office:

mögliche gesundheitliche Risiken einer langfristigen Belastung mit hochfrequenten elektromagnetischen Feldern durch Telefonate mit dem Handy bei Erwachsenen (intensive Handynutzung über mehr als 10 Jahre)
Possible health risks of long-term exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic fields from mobile phone calls in adults (intensive mobile phone use over more than 10 years)

I am sure some people are able to respond very sensitive to short wave radiation, but to be honest for me it is hard to believe some people feeling an effect even after a very long call.

The story of the “safe” radiation limit of “the General Offices” relating just increase of tissue temperature to health issues is the classic defense. But has nothing to do with experiences one can have which could be compared as - for instance - sick building syndrome. The GSM of my girlfriend is “off” most of the time, the wifi -signal on mine is off except when I download an app. Deny the telecom industry but listen to those High Sensitive human beings that are now the guinea pigs in radiation experiments. Don’t trust “General Offices” when people around you get inexplicable health complaints. I address to stop 5G movement in the Netherlands if you want more info about radiation and the “proof of scientists”.

@ELKrasso: because hardly anybody ever reads the manual of his new (I) phone, there are only few people aware that (also) Iphone has a high SAR. A whole generation is walking around with a phone in their back pocket, usually with the wifi signal activated. It became completely normal. Fortunately I do not have a glass globe to see what a tsunami of health issues will appear for the next decades.

Because FP2 has a high SAR I decided to changed over to Samsung galaxy note8 - although I was, like you, very enthusiastic about FP2. Now comes the precious moment I’d like to transfer my pictures and phonebook etc to my Samsung and I discover I am f*cked: the smart switch does not recognize FP2 at all. Anyone here that knows a solution?

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