My FP2: 3 years and counting

Metoo, have it since end of 2015!
Please badge me :slight_smile:


I also have my phone since End of 2015. In Summer 2017 it died a sudden death during a software üpdate. I got a refurbished one since then and it works fine until now. I’m using a second battery because sometimes the battery is low before the end of the day.
On my device runs Lineage 15.1 and it works fine. If I want to shutdown the device I use the flashlight workaround.
I hope to use my Fp2 anoter three years and I’m glad with it.


I’m also proud of my 3 years old FP2 from the crowdfunding campaign. :muscle: I didn’t have to change any part yet but one new slim cover. I’m only thinking about changing the bottom part as the USB port is a bit damaged, but this isn’t urgent.

I bought my FP2 mostly for the modular design, so I’m quite disappointed I didn’t have any opportunity to change some part yet. :wink: :grin:

I use Lineage OS 15.1 since a few weeks and since I reduced the CPU frequency with Kernel Adiutor I don’t experience random reboots anymore. Now I’m enjoying a fully functional and up-to-date smartphone, and I hope it will lasts for some more years! :crossed_fingers:


You have the opportunity to upgrade the cameras :wink: .


I bought mine in late 2016, I also bought a spare battery. I have had a few issues, more than I have had with any other phone but I want to support Fairphone and so far there have been no show-stoppers.

The case came apart after a while, about the same time the new slim ones came out so I bought a new one. It is excellent we can get spare parts like this.

At various times I have had the phone crash on boot-up or simply lock-up requiring the battery being removed. I haven’t found a way to restart the phone by pressing a combination of buttons.

About a year ago I started to notice bright spots on the screen but never did anything about it until recently where I found it was a common issue. On the page for submitting details about this fault they want the serial number of the screen but I simply can’t remove the screen to view the number. It requires far more force than I feel comfortable applying to a piece of expensive electronics. I can still manage and in the spirit of using the phone for as long as possible I won’t look for a replacement, just a bit annoying.

The updates have been great, I hope the security updates start again soon. I have noticed than since we went over to Nougat that my ant-virus software (F-secure SAFE) can no longer perform a scan. It starts then stops after scanning a few files. Not a disaster but a bit annoying.

Overall I am pleased with my phone and have just bought another battery after one of my originals started playing up. The spare parts service is great, long may it continue.

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You would have gotten the slim case for free, though, as Fairphone did acknowledge the original bumper case coming apart was a general fault of the design and offered a free exchange.

Keep the power button pressed for a long time (I think > 15 seconds).


My phone’s history is quite silimar to that of @schilyv:
I have been using my FP2 for three years now. I ordered it during the crowdfunding in July 2015 and got it in January 2016. I am happy about it and it’s my dear daily companion since I received it. I had to exchange the bottom module twice and the cases several times to finally end up with the transparent slim case. I bought myself a replacement battery and upgraded my back camera to the newer one. I am very happy with the product.
For several months the device has now been running very stable with /e/.


Hi everybody,

I would like to have the 3 years badge too. I ordered my FP2 during the crowdfunding phase in July 2015 and received it in January 2016.

I had a DOA replaced after a few weeks, have had my screen replaced long back and I now have a relatively new battery (1 yr old)

Everything works good for my daily life.

I have tried and experimented with many softwares and am now happy with LineageOS with microg.

I still have the original cameras, perfectly ok for my use of the camera.

I hope to receive the 4- , 5- and the 6 years badges in the future…


I, too, wish to apply for the 3 years of FP2 badge. I ordered it during the crowdfunding phase and received it at the end of January 2016. The only additions I have had are a spare battery and a new case after the original split. I have only used the standard upgrades, happily upgrading to Android 7.0 recently.


I just got a ‘3 year’ badge and I’ve only owned my FP2 for about eight months - please take it back, before the power of the badge goes to my head!


I’ve been a user since the crowdfunding, so I suppose I should be awarded the badge :wink:

VERY happy user, and also trying to use my experience to influence friends…


I’d like to apply for the badge as well. The phone was at no point fully functional during the three years. I’ve replaced the cover, the screen and the camera. At the moment the microphone’s broken.

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Here, I want the badge too :raising_hand_man:


I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Have you already found this thread:

A bit further down in that thread, offers to maybe try and fix broken mics.

So you might try to pm @ElKrasso.
But please be aware, that I am in no position to promise anything on his behalf and it might be, he already has more requests than he can handle.


I really need to order some mics soon :sunglasses:


+1 :raising_hand_woman:

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I just got it.
Gimme that badge, too. :rofl:

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Gruppenzwang? Than I want that badge too!


The badges are currently out of stock, we are looking for a new supplier :yum:


Auch ich bin nach einer sehr langen Wartezeit seit Januar 2016 FP2 Besitzer. Ich bekam ein neues Display und habe das dritten Gehäuse, das Kameraupdate und den dritten Akku.
Das letzte Softwareupdate hat mir die Dual-Sim Funktion genommen und diverse andere Bugs gebracht. An mehrere random Neustarts pro Tag habe ich mich gewöhnt und Anrufe kommen regelmäßig nicht an, weil es mal wieder aus ist.
Ich behalte mein FP2 und hoffe weiter! Es muss doch möglich fair und gute Sofzeare-Qualität zu vereinen. Ich wäre sogar bereit für ein gutes Update Geld zu bezahlen!
Ernsthaft als Hauptgerät kann ich es aber niemanden empfehlen! ch nutze dienstlich seit vielen Jahren Blackberry und komme zu der Erkenntnis, dass ein nicht fair produziertes Gerät dennoch nachhaltiger sein kann wenn die Qualität und der Support stimmt. Stabile Software, absolut robust, stürzt nicht ab, hängt sich nicht auf und ist absolut verlässlich.