Multiple very annoying glitches with brand new fairphone 3 :(

Hi there everyone,
Is anyone else experiencing the following issues?

  • Every time my phone switches off all my apps and widgets reset to the original setting. This also happens if i try change the background picture, everything resets.

  • i do not get all my smses. It seems that I do not get text messages from people who have iPhones. Very frustrating as for my work I need to receive text messages.

  • it has happened twice now (in the 2 weeks that I have the phone) that i can hear that I am receiving a call, but there is no indication of an incoming call on the screen or if I click on the blue telephone icon. If I am wearing headphones, i can receive the call with my headphones, and still nothing shows up on the screen at all. If I am not wearing headphones, I have to wait a bit and then later I can see a missed call on the screen.

Hi there and welcome to the community!

Perhaps you could try installing another launcher like Lawnchair or Nova Launcher, and setting it as default in Settings → Apps and Notifications → Apps → Standard Apps.

Can this help: No calling screen with incoming calls?


In case you perhaps used an iPhone yourself before the Fairphone 3 …

“Make sure to turn off iMessage. Otherwise, SMS/MMS messages sent to you may end up on your old iPhone instead of to your new Fairphone 3.”

(From Fairphone support’s Migrate from Apple/iOS to the Android OS)


thank you! I put notifications on for Phone so hopefully that’ll fix that!
I downloaded lawnchair app but feel weird about their access and privacy, they ask for permission to access all the data from all of my apps. I’m also not sure how to use it to be honest. Hopefully there is a better solution where i do not have to download something extra, but where the background just doesn’t reset…

That’s normal, they have to access all your apps to be able to launch them. Lawnchair is Open Source, which means everybody can see the code, so I wouldn’t worry too much about privacy (@others, This is right isn’t it?).

I understand. I think I saw someone on the forum who had this same problem, I’ll try to find it.

Edit: This wasn’t what I was looking for, but here sort of the same problem: App icons disappear. There doesn’t seem to be a solution though.


wow awesome! thank you! ok i feel better about the lawnchair, maybe I’ll give it a go.

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I downloaded nova instead and this has solved my problem! Thank you so much! I’m glad I get to keep my fairphone now!


If you’re curious, you could set the default “Home app” back to the stock launcher now to see whether it would fix the issue with the stock launcher if it would have to take over home screen duty again.

But on Android not using the stock launcher is no big deal, it’s rather normal. Thats why there are tons of launchers to choose from.
If you need more inspiration …

It’s really a bit ominous.


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