Easy info about LineageOS 14.1 features not working in 15.1 (e.g. Exchange)?

Is there an easy way to see if certain LinageOS features are not yet available?
A current example is the Exchange connector.


There are bug and regression trackers … define “easy” :slight_smile: .


If an issue can be pinpointed and made searchable, there’s (almost) always something on the internet …

(And I changed the topic title to better align it with the wording of your opening post.)

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Not always. :wink:
It is not always clear whether a function is completely broken or only partially functioning.

I found this too:

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I can confirm that pairing wiimotes via Bluetooth no longer works on Lineage OS Oreo. This is not a device-specific regression, my Nexus 4 confirms.

Google dropped support for HID over L2CAP Bluetooth protocol some time ago (in Marshmallow?), but Lineage OS supported it in Nougat.

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Another work in progress … weather providers …

LineageOS 14.1 had weather providers for OpenWeatherMap, Weather Underground and Yahoo Weather.

Workaround for WUnderground and Yahoo:
Makeshift Oreo weather providers at https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=243785 (Source) … I can confirm that the Yahoo provider works for me.

Workaround for OpenWeatherMap with GApps:
Chronus Home & Lock Widgets (has its own weather provider config including OpenWeatherMap).

Workaround for OpenWeatherMap without GApps:
Well, no weather provider, but the Good Weather App is based on OpenWeatherMap and has a Widget. As far as I can see it doesn’t support an existing API key like the one that was needed for the provider, it uses its own.

Well, the makeshift Yahoo weather provider apparently worked only for the intitial weather update, I can’t get it to update any further.
Apart from Good Weather I tried several Apps and Widgets based on OpenWeatherMap from F-Droid … nothing that I really like, but some Widgets seem usable and there’s some support for an existing API key (which I have) … I’m curious about wheather updates though … let’s see.

Edit 2:
The Yahoo provider came back to life after I threatened to replace it with the makeshift Weather Underground provider … which can’t even work any more for new private users because WUnderground stopped handing out free API keys in May 2018 and now charges business users fees only business users are willing to pay.

However, I had some other Widgets under surveillance, which only updated when freshly added to the home screen again, so I opened the permission floodgates … I did the following for the launcher App (Lawnchair currently) and the weather Apps …

  • Settings - Security & privacy - Trust - Privacy Guard - (disabled for the Apps in question)
  • Settings - Apps & notifications - (tap on App) - Permissions - made sure location is enabled
  • Settings - Apps & notifications - (tap on App) - Data usage - made sure Wi-Fi, Mobile and Background data are enabled
  • Settings - Apps & notifications - (tap on App) - Battery - Battery optimisation - made sure this is disabled

After that …

  • Yahoo weather has updated several times … but just now stopped again, I think. So I’m reluctant to use this. I’m hoping they make an official OpenWeatherMap provider for 15.1 again, and soon.
  • Weather Widget has updated several times … but the Widget is the better the larger you make it, not good as a small addition to the home screen, but good for a whole home screen page dedicated to a week-long weather forecast, if needed.
  • Your local weather doesn’t update consistently … just my luck, because it is the only Widget I found which gives the time it updated itself in the Widget, which is kind of reassuring if you want to count on the presented data … I’ll reinstall it and activate the debugging log for now, perhaps something can still be done …
  • World Clock’s weather Widget (needs OpenWeatherMap API key) has updated several times, and halfway consistently it seems (it doesn’t give a time when it updated) … seems for now I’ll have to stick with that.

Edit 3:
Your local weather does update consistently after I uninstalled it and installed it again … even with Privacy Guard enabled and location permission withdrawn. Nice.


Open Camera (and probably all cameras) cannot record video.

It seems to be since August security patch.


As a workaround, many people suggest to use the Gmail app that offers Exchange services. Alas, not an option for those who want to remain google-free.

What I didn’t know however, until someone pointed it out on this forum, is that some other e-mail apps offer complete Exchange/ActiveSync as well. I’m now testing both BlueMail and Nine Mail and there’s some others I don’t know off the top of my head. Up until now, Exchange accounts run very smoothly and have no trouble at all to put my calendar items in the native calendar. Awesome!


One-handed mode is missing in 15.1.

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You local weather (from F-Droid) works fine. I’m using the widget.

For Dutch people, I can recommend KNMI application since it will give next day’s forecast on the evening before in a notification. Which is the right amount of noise for me. Buienalarm also works very well (I’m using the widget).

OpenWeatherMap API requires you consent with their policy, to comply with GDPR. Haven’t read the policy though.

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If Nextcloud works with Exchange/ActiveSync perhaps host that and make a PWA or shortcut to it. I know Zimbra works with it, and there’s other web frontends which do as well.

Thanks for the suggestion, I installed this already (see Edit 2 above) and I quite like it … I’ll have to see whether I can get it to work reliably.
Good to know it works for you, perhaps it’s a launcher thing on my side, will try an alpha of Lawnchair 2 when I have time.

I take it for granted that almost every free weather App or provider wants to have a movement profile, “there is no such thing as a free lunch” afterall :slight_smile: .
I only use what can be set to a fixed place in the settings instead of following me around all the time. (A compromise, I know, I’d still have to trust that setting.)

And for Belgians, the KMI app which is exactly the same but focused on Belgium. :slight_smile:

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8 posts were split to a new topic: “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” setting is gone in LineageOS 15.1

I can confirm this bug, OpenCamera and also Snap cannot record video.

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Will be fixed in next release. Broke indeed because of August Android Security Bulletin.




msm8974 is end-of-life SoC for long time now. And neither QCOM, nor Google do any regression tests on those devices. That’s just life.


cell tower events (enter, leave) don’t fire, can’t scan for new cell towers at all
Update: Problem seems to be that location was completely off, now it’s working again.

More things:
-My IMAP account, from the stock email app, was not migrated
-My main adressbook was not migrated, it was empty! Interesting: I needed more than a day to notice that :rofl: (no I have no cloud-sync, resynced it with MyPhoneExplorer once I was home again)

Uh, this is critical.

Er yeah it took me a while to notice, but my contacts were gone as well. LOS 15.1 for microG.