No calling screen with incoming calls

My FP3 have an issue with the calling screen. When called I only hear my ringtone, but the phone doesn’t open the calling screen to see who is calling and I can’t open or reject the call without going to the app in the overview.

Does anyone recognize this issue and know the fix? Could it be related to Lawnchair app I use as startscreen?


I have exactly the same problem, but I don’t have the Lawnchair app so that wont be the cause. Did you already have it fixed? Otherwise I might send an email to Fairphone because it is really annoying.

Yeah really annoying. I haven’t find the solution yet. Hoped to hear that here. Anyway it is good that I can rule out the Lawnchair app.

Hi Inge,
I fixed my issue. Its more Android related. There are some YouTube videos about it.

The fix is to go to settings/apps and select the phone app. There you need to switch on the notifications. After that it is solved for me. Good luck


It worked! thanks a lot

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