How are your home screens set up?

Just for inspiration, how are your home screens set up? Mine, left to right:

  • Peace of mind widget
  • Full screen calendar listing (event flow calendar widget)
  • Clock and two rows of regularly used apps
  • Quick dial buttons for some people, a widget with volume controls, yahoo weather widget and the Google "what’s this song widget
  • Recent apps widget
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Left to right:
-Two rows of apps
I am awaiting instructions to fix my poor graphics and anticipating instructions to do some reinstalling. But i don’t have much widgets anyway. :smile:

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Nice idea @Jerry!
Maybe I can get some inspiratin to fill my empty screens with! :smile:

Left to right:

  • empty
  • top half of screen: clock / bottom half: aCalendar widget
  • Peace of Mind widget on top / most used apps sorted in 5 folders / power control widget
  • recent apps widget
  • empty
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Cool idea!

Left to right:

  • empty
  • Calendar widget 50%
  • Top: Google Keep widget, Peace of Mind app, people app, camera, Settings drawer (with loads of setting shortcuts inside. Bottom: 4 app drawers full of apps
  • Google Search (Now cards) 25%
  • empty
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Probably easiest to just post a screenshot :slight_smile:

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I’ll also just post a screenshot:

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Custom launcher and theme. Still trying to fill the second page though :smiley: (with currently only Wi-Fi, Sunrise and YouTube)


As far as possible I want to avoid swiping between screens so I try to put as much as possible on the home screen:

That’s why I also have ‘bundled’ apps into groups here and there (e.g. News and Weather). The calendar widget is SmoothCalendar.
All screens, left to right:

  • blank
  • clock, Peace of Mind, power control
  • main/home screen as above
  • recent apps widget
  • blank

Permanently on “Quick Access” are flashlight, playstore and gallery (fourth app varies from time to time)


don’t need more, other screens empty

Practical and clutter-free…

Still experimenting and finding the ideal way, but, left to right…

  1. empty
  2. full-screen messages
  3. clock, four apps for major functions (camera, phone, calendar, contacts), Google search box
  4. selection of apps, grouped by theme
  5. empty

(And the launcher has my four main internet apps… Twitter client, browser, Gmail, Feedly)

Apex launcher, two screens.
Glasklart theme
Minimal text widgets on homescreen.

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tools, reader, main, music&mail, gallery & note

My panels to the outer left and outer right are empty.
Homescreen (middle): clock, most-used apps, calendar widget.
Left: more apps.
Right: Google Now and Todoist widgets.
Quick access swype from the side: phone, sms, camera, settings.

I like the clean look of Smart Launcer

even at the App drawer

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Wow, I just wonder: where can one get or transform the icons (I like robin’s above) and how to get the very same row at the bottom of every screen?
(FP is my first smartphone ever and I have it just a couple of weeks now and still trying out stuff).
Nice topic though, I am reorganising screens every other day :slight_smile:

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Hey @Maryamu,
there are a bunch of different launchers you can install. They’re basically apps, that change the look of your phone and give you more settings and different themes to personalize it. The themes often come with different icons.
It looks like @Robin is using Nova Launcher (please correct me if I’m wrong!). This launcher has a fixed bottom row for apps that doesn’t change with your screens.

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Solo Launcher, but I’ve used Nova Launcher as well :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies! I’ll look into it!

Hej Maryamu,
it’s more than a month since you posted this, but here are my thought on your Question. On my last Phone (my first Smartphone) I used the LauncherPro App by Federico Carnales. Worked fine, the free Version does not have all the Features, though. On my FP I use the Solo Launcher, just like Robin posted. Together with the Gravity-Box App installed, I guess you can set pretty much anything on your phone the way you like it. If you haven’t done so already, check out some YouTube-Videos on the Solo Launcher if you like, that might give you some Inspiration.