LineageOS 14.1 with OTA updates for FP2

Put the new modem files on the buildserver:



I’m sorry, but I can’t try it right now, I can’t give it a go before Saturday. But as in the other thread problems are reported, I’ll probably wait…

I installed yesterday, and the phone runs fine so far.
I admit I haven’t done much with it since then apart from WiFi though … we’ll see.

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Modem 17.09.3 working fine here also. almost 2 days running without problems.


I confirm that: 14.1-20170911-UNOFFICIAL-FP2 with baseband 4437.1-FP2-0-07 works fine since 2 days.

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Does the 20170911 version have the fix for the “BlueBorne” vulnerabilities?

Not jet, I think; you better keep your bluetooth switched off at your LOS FP2, if bluetooth isn’t needed urgently!

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The testbuild that was built yesterday also still doesn’t have the patches. Hopefully lineageOS will incorporate them soon!

does the testbuild that was built yesterday have the fix for call volume issues which was fixed with Fairphone OS and Fairphone Open OS 17.09.3?

It should, feel free to test it (it flashed perfectly through TWRP). Please log your findings in the bugtracker.

The test build did not solve the problem with the call volume.

can someone confirm that the fix on OpenOS really does fix the issue there?


I had some other problems with the testbuild and modem from 17.09.3:
1.: one spontaneous reboot during the night while charging
2.: the alarm had a strange behaviour one time: when I wanted to switch it off (slide to the right), the pointer stayed at the right, the sound went away but the vibration did not stop. The phone was not responding to any touch, I had to reboot it by long pressing the power button.

Building a new one now with blueborne patch and latest security patches.
Can you also help me test this build?

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Test in which respect? Just use and file bug reports or a specific test procedure for this specific build?

Modem files: 17.09.3 (unchanged)

Build date: Thu Sep 21 10:22:51 UTC 2017
Installed alongside Open GApps pico from Thu Sep 21

The following things work for me so far:

  • call / be called
  • send SMS / receive SMS
  • internet via WiFi
  • internet via mobile network
  • location
  • compass
  • screenshot
  • main camera (new module)
  • selfie camera (new module)
  • USB connection to PC
  • alarm (incl. swiping it off)
  • MyPhoneExplorer (I know, I know, but it’s important for me :slight_smile: )

Looking good :+1: .

I never had any issue with the call volume, so I don’t know whether it was fixed, sorry.

Installed it right now, so let’s see…
Minor nitpick, blueborne scanner tells me phone still is vulnerable…


installed the latest test build. Everything works as usual…fine…
call volume issue still prevails…

Thanks for the hint. Installed the scanner App, says the same to me … Vulnerable.

That’s odd. On my local build it says not vulnerable.