FP3 reboots during phone calls

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I have again random reboots during phonecalls :frowning:
I can’t believe it, i had to sell my Fairphone 2 because of the same problems
and now we’re here again.

I have my Fairphone 3 since 22. September, so it’s almost a month now.

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Sorry to hear that :frowning:
If you had the same problem with your FP2, what about a faulty SIM card? It’s a microelectronic piece with microchip on it, I had a friend with a FP2 and a colleague with IPhone 6, both had call problems and reboot issues solved by changing the SIM card.

Or did you use your old microSD card from FP2? Could also be a some weird hardware defect of the microSD card…


Thank you for your reply, the SIM card isn’t the same as with the FP2 and it worked perfectly with the previous phone.

The problem is that it happens very sporadic, I have calls where it works perfectly fine. For example, when I got it new, it happened several times. Then with no change, it stopped for over a week, and now before some days, it happened again :(.

I’ll try it without the microSD card,
but don’t forget that I wasn’t the only one with the FP2 that had this problem.

I have the same problem. Lately during a call it rebooted three times. Sometimes it works fine. Totally random. I’ve never had that problem with my FP2 and same SIM though.

For me the same issue.
New FP3 now in use for about three weeks with new Nano Sim card.
It reboots during phone calls suddenly while nothing special is done.
Could we find a logfile in the system to investigate why it repeatedly starts rebooting?

I had similar problems with my FP2. Had my SIM replaced; no effect. Waited several firmware upgrades; still not resolved.
Then I ‘extended’ the battery with some paper between battery and FP to keep it more firm in place. Problem solved.

I guess if there’s the slightest possibility the FP loses contact with one of the battery pins, it resets. Usually during a call (movement) or temperature change.
(Took me about two years to figure this out, lol.)


Hello everyone,

While it’s great that you fixed your problem, I don’t think this could fix the problems I encountered, because the phone is used and manipulated more during other tasks compared to a phone call with the phone speaker.

I strictly have reboots in calls, never have I found my FP3 to have rebooted in my pocket or without using it (except empty battery once or twice).

I’m also interested if I can extract some logs pointing to a possible cause…?



I’m also having these issues. It doesn’t happen all the time but on random phone calls - the only additional information is that when it comes back on the recent memory has been wiped (the phone call I was on is not registered on the recent call list). Any one had any luck on fixing this? like @Karaviro I also had this on my FP2 so am frustrated that it is on my FP3.

Thank you


Have you ever tried to use another phone/dialer app? It could be somehow related to the standard android phone app (even though I never experieced this issues…

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I am going through the exact same thing - so frustrating! With my FP2 as well as the FP3. Doesn’t seem like there’s one solution though…

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Any news on this? Was “safe” for a couple of weeks, then had reboots during phone calls again. So weird, cannot reproduce at all. Pros: Is there any way this can be debugged, i.e. through logfiles?


same problem here, for the third time this happened yesterday:
after I had a phone call via my FP3 and the other person hit the red end button my phone shut down completely and I had to restart.
Not a big deal but stupid and it takes a while for the phone to restart.
This does not happen every time that the other person hits red button but now 3 times altogether over the last weeks.
Has anyone contacted the FP-people about this yet?


I have the same issue since some weeks, no substantial changes done (hw). I also experience issues with my headphone jack sometimes (no sound or squeaking) not sure if this is really connected…
Ps: running update from jan 20

the random reboot at end of phonecall with FP3 problem still exists! Happened again yesterday.
Also, with the last reboot, I now have a notification saying (in German): select search engine. standard search engine for start screen and google chrome.
When I hit the feature button it doesn’t open, also, what start screen? don’t use google chrome. can’t close the notification, a bit annoying.

Are FP-people members of this forum and read here or would we have to contact them separately?

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Lookst you here:



Not everything, and, if in doubt, not the exact thing you want them to read.
This forum is not an official company communication channel.




thank you @urs_lesse , but cant find the app. It’s not in my (alphabetical) app verzeichnis, I cant find it via search term, and also not in the general Settings. where should I look else?

Just scroll on in the topic I linked to. There are even more ways to get it done described there.

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Regarding reboots during calls … I might get an angry storm here, but anyway: When I hold the FP3 in my left hand like if I was having a phone conversation, my thumb rests on the power button. This is unfortunate, but anyway, quite obviously this is prone to causing unintended reboots. Of course it won’t explain all reboots, but at least some of you might want to pay attention to this next time a reboot aborts your call.


I don’t quite see this happening. If I press the power button, the phone doesn’t reboot but I get the choices Switch Off - Reboot - Screengrab.

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