Reboots during calls

Hi there,
My friend bought an FP3 in November, but has had many reboots during calls.
I had told her of some of the problems that I had with the FP2, before she got hers, but she believes in the vision of Fairphone and she wouldn’t need the phone to do much more than send messages using Telegram, make phone calls and use Whatsapp. I guess she also uses the camera.
Today, she is ready to return the phone, since making calls is the main thing she needs the phone for and she has experienced multiple reboots while trying to have one phone call conversation. I didn’t take the jump to FP3, so I don’t have experience of the phone’s reliability.
Looking at the FP3 threads, it seems that this is not a very common issue, but it is significant enough that she is unfortunately going to leave the FP universe. (I did find some people who reported it here FP3 reboots during phone calls)

Would you say that 3 months is too late to get a refund?


If Fairphone Support was never contacted about this issue at all, then yes, three months is too late.