Does the FP3 have reboot problems?

Hi all,

for the last three months my FP2 is having so many reboots that I’m considering switching to the FP3 just to get rid of this pain in the neck.

Now that the FP3 has seen some use, what is your experience with random reboots? None, one per week, several per day?

None so far.
But my Fairphone 2 already doesn’t suffer from them.

I’ve not had one and I’ve had mine for about 6 weeks.

It’ll be grand :grin:

I haven’t experienced any reboots, got the phone two weeks ago.

Yet, there’s one thread in the forum about some people having reboots during phone calls: FP3 reboots during phone calls

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I’ve had my phone for over a month now and I’ve had 0 reboots which I haven’t done on purpose.

Absolutely rock-solid here. However, I don’t make phone calls unless there’s no way to avoid it. :smiley:

Same here, not a single reboot.
But anyway, I didn’t have them with my FP2 either…

Is this problem already solved with the available updates during the last 3 months?

Why do you ask this question here where it doesn’t fit at all (please read the first post and the answers again), and not e.g. here …

… or here? …

Sorry, it seems i did not understand if the problem was solved or not, and mixed FP2 with FP3.

After about two months my FP3 did have reboot problems - it started to randomly reboot during phonecalls.
Simple troubleshooting did not stop this from occuring and I actually switched back to my old non-FP-phone.

There are a few threads here about the reboot problem with the FP3, so it does seem to occur with some phones. Hope you will have no problems with that.

Hallo Motte, did you solve the problem? Since my IOS Update, use Android 9, last week my fp3 started the randomly reboots during phonecalls.

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