Fairphone 3 official screen protectors

Hi everyone,
Do you know if there is any discussion about the new screen protectors ? I didn’t find one :slight_smile:


Found Made one. Have fun!


The protectors are super expensive! Is only one included in the price?

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Good question !
I am quite interested in the blue light protector. It is the first time I see such a combination

Yeah, it would possible make sense to ship 2 if one gets lost or so.
Even if it is fair etc. it’s “just” a glass.
You can buy a whole FP3 battery for that price, or a 1/3 of a whole new display.
I think the relations are a little off here.
The same goes for the back cover though, that is nearly as expensive as the screen protection – and it’s just plastic.

Also given screen protection from physical influence is not requires/useless, as people said earlier, they should really be marketing it in a way that it’s only a tool for privacy or blue-light filtering, which they seem to do.

Only this sentence is a little off:

Our privacy screen protector serves double duty to keep your display in pristine condition while also ensuring that no one can see what’s on your screen but you.

A protector is nothing essential, as the glass should be resistant already. Still it is protective against scratches, when e.g. carrying the phone in the trouser pocket together with a key or (unnoticed) a tiny stone from the beach.
Yes, the price is hefty.
Though I don’t remember having come across a glass protector with privacy or filter function for smartphones.
And the privacy screen covers for a laptop or tablet can be expensive as well. especially when they are “original” parts, made to measure. Of course there are always really cheap bargains out there; yet I would not consider it a good idea to compare Fairphone to the cheapest offers available. :wink:

I really wonder (and doubt) if there is something especially fair about those protectors.

Doesn’t the price make sense as these are made especially to fit the FP3 and therefore can’t be produced in such a large number as Samsung and iPhone screen protectors? Even more so since not all users are going to buy one. I’m amazed they’re even on offer at all!


I don’t want to disturb Fairphone business, but there are lots already (sorry, site is in German) https://www.schutzfolien24.de/c/ALL/fairphone-3/

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True, there are already protective shields.
But following your link, there are none made of tempered glas, that offer the kind of filters that Fairphone does.
There is one spy shield made from plastics and no blue light filter.

So, there at least is a genuine market for these Fairphone shields.

And here is the link in english:
(I used the language selector at the top of the page; so it’s the same site. :wink: )


I simply see all of the accessories as means to sponsor Fairphone. Only accessories have a significant margin these days (that’s why the next iPhone will reportedly ship w/o a charger) …


BTW the support page is interesting, because it also explains somewhat how they are applied, which seems to be permanent.

Also for all of you who had this idea and wondered… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It is not possible to put the screen protectors on top of each other.


@rae I think this needs correction: reduced scratch resistance” is probably not what the screen protector is offering.


To be more precise:
They state on the page you linked, that the protectors can be removed easyly, but they can not be reapplied. They are just one-way protectors.
I guess that’s the case with (almost?) all the screen protectors on the market; it’s just not mentioned - usually.


I just ordered a protector and a cover and was surprised by a € 20 discount at check out. So the combination is ‘cheaper’. Nice surprise!

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For anyone reading, that’s actually not a co-incidence, but an official discount in July & August :slight_smile: see point 18.4 here:


Personally I am very satisfied with my brotect screen protector. I think unless you want those extra features it is a good choice. I bought mine through amazon but as you can see from the link above they are also sold on other online retailers.

Though if I had known about the option of a screen protector with inbuilt privacy filter I might have actually went for that option


I also tried the brotect screen and it was a failure for me. The screen was far less sensitive and there were more dust on the screen with it. I couldn’t keep it on the phone and it seems that it is a commun view…?!

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Same here, the brotect does the job for me. :slight_smile: Can’t complain.

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How does the privacy protector work?

How does it prevent people from peeking?

I believe that the light from the phone will be blocked by the screen if you watch it from the sides. The light would only pass through the screen if you look at the phone from the front. You can see it on the pictures published on the store

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