Screen protector in the box of Fairphone 3?

Hello, do you know if the Fairphone 3 is delivered with a screen protector inside the box?

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I haven’t opened the box yet, but I haven’t heard of this so far.
And the order page has a section “In the box” with a picture, that clearly does not indicate a protector.

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At my FP3 there was no foil on the screen. The FP1 and the FP2 had a protective foil on the screen at delivery. But this foil wasn’t a screen protector.
I just bought matte screen protector from Brother for my FP3. It’s 99,5% right in size.

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I got mine yesterday and it had no screen protector, neither applied nor in the box.

Yeah this is really missing. Why did not they include one?

Why would they? The screen is gorilla glass, so almost anything you put on it will be a regression - not to mention the additional waste.


And the FP1 and FP2 were not gorilla glass? (because they included it there)

There was no screenprotector on the FP1 and FP2. It was a protection foil, which some people used as a screenprotector.


That was just for transport - never meant to be used on the phone.
The FP3 instead comes in a biodegradable paper.


And in my opinion, these screen protection foils are just snake oil with no use.
I used my FP2 for over 3 years in my pockets, roughly, sometimes mixed with coins and keys and my screen has still no relevant scratches.
Cause it’s hardened gorilla glas.


Just wanted to add, that the Fairphone 3 comes with a simple non-transparent paperwrap around it in the box. No Screen Protector preinstalled.

Even Gorilla Glass scratches at level 6, with deeper grooves at level 7. (Thumbs up for whoever gets the reverence :+1:)

Which manufacturer is doing so? And why should Fairphone do? They even do not include a charger by purpose. Why should they add something else to the package, most people don’t need?
In France the manufacturers are forced by law to add headphones with every new phone. I am sure you can imagine how much unused headphones are resting in drawers and will probably never be used.


Unless you have quartz or diamonds in the same pocket it should be no concern to the screen.
I would be careful with sand baths with the phone. But would a screen protector really help in that case?


Hey, I am interested in a matte protection. Thing is, I can’t find a company called “Brother” that sells screen protection. Do you know if they still exist or where the one you bought is still available?

Sorry for giving wrong information.
It’s actually from the website, BROTECT Matte Displayschutzfolie für Fairphone 3

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I got two different types of protector from there. One was a flexible foil and pretty terrible, the other one is “hardened” so to say and I am pretty happy with it.

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