Proper screen protection

Hello, since a few months I own a Fairphone 3.
Unfortunately scratches already start to appear on the screen while I’ve been carefully with it.
For my previous phones I used to use a flip/book case so that the screen was protected.

Now, because the scratches on my FP3 start to be annoying I’m thinking of replacing the screen and getting proper protection.
According to the official FP3 parts this would cost: €29,95 (screen protector) + 89,95 (display module) = €119,90!
However some people on the forum claim that a screen protector is useless for scratch resistance.
In my opinion I find it insane that FP doesn’t sell a real protective case like a flip case.

Are there any alternatives available for proper screen protection, preferably a flip case?

I don’r know of any, but if you buy yourself a new display, make sure you don’t throw it away but instead sell it on e.g. #market:sell or give it to a #fairphoneangel in your area. It would be a waste to throw a perfectly fine display away.


Well, you could at first try to get a screen protector.
Maybe that will already be enough and the scratches are not annoying anymore, since they are less or not at all visible anymore.
Regarding scratch resistance.
The protector is protecting the display against scratches, but obviously the scratches then will happen to the protector. The advantage is, that it is more easy and way cheaper to replace the protector (and it might help against breaking the display when you drop it).

Fairphone offering cases would be a great thing, but in my opinion also a difficult thing to do.
As you can see regarding the currently available protectors, they are already on the more expensive site of screen protectors. And there are only 2 variants people can chose from

Cases would be a totally different piece of cake.
There are so many possible choices and wishes by potential customers.
Just take a look at the lengthy thread on Vote for your favorite color Fairphone 3 cases.
And then multiply this by different styles (flip case, slip case, protector), colors and materials (bio/recyled plastics, leather, felt, wood …).
Offering a broader variety to meet at least most needs would mean high costs due to low volume of production. But even just a few choices would hardly mean low prices, as the current prices for the covers show.
Well, that’s just my guessing of course.


… I even have a generic one still lying around to give away :slight_smile:


The covers from annatreurniet look very good. I will try one of those! :grinning:

I still want an Otterbox case for the phone.
Non fair flipcases are available at aliexpress. They are always glued to the back of your phone with a sticker and have holes punched in it for camera, speaker and so on.

I have one (from annatreurniet ). They are EXCELLENCE. Highly recommended.

As I recall she offers several different models. I can only speak for the particular model I got (apologies for the lack of a link or other details) but presume they are all quite satisfactory.

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