Does the blue light filter replace LiveDisplay?

/e/ OS has got a feature called LiveDisplay which is a software blue light filter. If I install a hardware blue light filter on my Fairphone – does it replace LiveDisplay? Will I need LiveDisplay anyway? Does the physical filter do something LiveDisplay can’t?

I just want to know whether it’s worth buying such a filter. Would you rather buy the blue light or the privacy filter?

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Live display can be configured. It can be scheduled at specific times. It is much more yellow than blue light filter. It is free.

I don’t know so I can’t tell. But I doubt it.

Personally? Privacy filter. But that’s up to each one of us to decide.

Check the two treads about both screen protectors, and the general one about both. You’ll find extensive feedback.
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Answering @pixelphone I’ll just give my humble opinion. I don’t know if a digital/virtual filter works better or worst than a physical one, I have used both for my Fairphone and I can’t tell the difference. I only can tell you that the physical one seems to work only when you have the screen directly in front of you, if you tilt the phone you can see the screen wihtout that yellow effect over it. It is quite easy, if you want privacy choose the other one, if you don’t want it but want to protect the screen choose this one. Someone can correct me but I guess that the privacy filter can be annoying sometimes limiting the viewing angles of the phone’s screen.

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