Disappointing privacy filter protective glass

I have bought the FP3 privacy protective glass, to protect my screen against scratches, to keep some eyes away from it when I am watching personal stuff, and also… because I had a 20€ discount code (these accessories are expensive)!

It looks nice and strong, but the problem is I’m very disappointed by the viewing angle of the filter, it is very large, at least 100-120° of good clear view, then it only gets darker, not fully black… not very private, you can easily see a picture from the side, for example. Even more considering the very high price, which should correspond to a high quality of privacy filter.

Furthermore, I feel the screen is less touch-sensitive now…

What do you think?
Has anyone tried it as well?


I completely agree with you! :frowning:

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Same:( Saddest about the decreased touch sensitivity.

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I’ve noticed the filter is actually more efficient if the point of view is low on one of the diagonals.
Indeed, it’s very effective from the top left and the bottom right corner, while completely ineffective from the top right and bottom left corner.

In my opinion it would be better if it was hiding the screen from the left and right rather than diagonally.

Anyone noticing the same?
Could @rae maybe unlighten us with it?