Fairphone 3 bottom module availability [5 Oct 2023: BACK IN STOCK]

I am deseperetly looking for a bottom module for my FP3+.
The official store is out of stock “for a while” as the support said…

All alternative online shop seem to be supplied by the official store because they are out of stock as well.
Any idea how to get a bottom module ? I have a probleme with usb-c charging port…

Thank you


Same here. Phone is useless if I can’t recharge it.


You could use an external charger until you get the phone sorted

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Please read similar topics that explain what you can try, if it is indeed the bottom module that is an issue.

here’s an example

Thank you for the answer.
I already try to clean the port after disassembling the module, without any success. I fear to open the module itsel, I don’ want to brake more it already is.

Tha’ts why I want to buy a new module, asking the community where I can find a new one.
if I bought a modular phone it is especially for fixing broken parts easily.

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Thank you but it is out of stock as well on IFixit…

Same here. Nowhere to be found. Maybe somebody from FP could answer on, when the bottom module might become availalabe again?
Is this happening in the next weeks, sometime this year or (hopefully not) never? This would really impact the troubles I might go through to get one.
For me it is not urgent now, but the connection of the USB-C is bad and sometimes the phone doesn’t charge at all.
It seems to be available in a suiss shop:

But they charge an extra of 20 CHF for shipping to the EU and you’re likely to pay import tax on top of that. So roughly 50€ for a 20€ part…

For this you have to ask them via support, mail or call. The forum is not watched by them in depth.

And to avoid wear out of USB Ports, I advise to use magnetic cable/plugs


The support told me thay can’t give a precise date for the moment.
I asked for a date range, so everyone can consider their options.
Waiting for reply, I will let you know.


Thank you for letting us know, @Joao! I have had serious problems charging my FP3 for more than a week now, even though I cleaned all the contacts a few months ago, and I always use a dust cover for the USB-C port… so I need a new bottom module too :sweat_smile:

So it may not be debris in the port, given that you use a dust cover. I use a magnetic adapter so the post does not suffer from repeated physical stress.

However the ports contacts can be tarnished and they are fixed, so any physically loose issue can be down to the cable that has sprung contacts.

You can dismantle the actual bottom module for a better ‘clean’. You’ll see it’s pretty much a straight through connection which just passes the power to the core module which then decides how much to send to the battery.

You also may want to consider the contacts to the main board.

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Thank you for your advice, @anon9989719.

I opened my phone only four months ago and took the opportunity to clean all the contacts. However, the phone is “very fussy” about when and how to charge (no charging, slow charging, normal charging… for a week now it never charges fast), even with different chargers and cables.

As @Joao says, I’m afraid of damaging it more if I open the bottom module… I would feel more comfortable changing everything.

In any case, it frustrates me to have so many problems with this port. I hope it gets fixed soon.

Thanks again!


I got finnaly a good news from the support : bottom module will be back in stock in 5-6 weeks.
For me it is a good news, I can wait until this time. Let say mid-august around.


Great news! Thanks for sharing them with us :slight_smile:


Deep sigh: that would really be good news, urgently waiting for themodule. Hopefully 5-6 weeks isn’t the code for: actually we don’t know!
Thx for sharing this note


Dear all,
TL:DR; I have two bottom modules for sale: Would sell them for 15€ (only tested once) and 10€ (used). Location: NL. PM me if interested.

my phone had some charging issues, so I ordered a new module. Turns out that was not the issue, so I can resell it now. A few days ago, my phone died (just on its own, no water damage etc), so I would assume the module in that phone should also still work. Also have all the other parts of that broken phone.

Welcome to the community forum @Silvia_Foiada and have a look above at Joao’s 7 July post. :slight_smile:

(Referring to FP3 Bottom module out of stock ! HELP!)

P.S.: I would recommend to anyone urgently seeking an FP3 bottom module to add your REGION/LOCATION (if that is possible) to your request. Maybe someone local has a used bottom module from a defect FP3 or something similar to offer.

hello, Aypac I’m interested, Do you still have some modules available? I’m located in Lisbon PT, are you okay to send it?

Hi Aypac,
I’m in the Netherlands too and need a new bottom module. Would love to buy the one you tested once.