FP3 Bottom module out of stock ! HELP!

I have a contact problem when charging my FF3. He is going to die soon since once out of 10 times I can charge it slowly. I tried to clean it up, change chargers, etc, I need a new bottom module, but unfortunately is out of stock… somebody knows when it will be available? or somebody has one more to sell me? please help, if I don’t find a solution soon, I’ll need to buy a new phone and this would be the worse option. :frowning:

Maybe its an option to use an external charger instead of buying a new phone


You could contact your local fairphone angel, they sometimes buy a few parts that break often.



Hi, it’s the same for me.

I contact the Fairphone angel community in Paris.

Any other solution?

Do you wnow when that piece will came back on stock?

No one knows, but the most recent 6 July estimate was 5-6 weeks, see

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