Looking for FP3+ Bottom Module in Germany

Looking for FP3+ bottom module

Hello, I’m looking for a FP3+ bottom module, as mine is probably damaged (now almost no USB Cable is recognized for MTP communication with computer or similar). Also, charging only works on a few combinations.

Gießen, Germany

Please let me know if you have a working module left.

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I cannot offer you a used one, but if you are mainly looking here because this spare part is currently not on stock in the Fairphone Shop, you can still get a new one from other shops, e.g. Fairphone’s partner iFixit:

Other dealers also have it on stock, e.g. vireo.de

P.S.: If you haven’t done so already, try cleaning your USB port from tiny hairs and dust (use a really thin pin or needle to do so, but make sure the battery is not in the phone).


You may like to try a deep clean and tack

Unfortunately the module is sold out anywhere!

Is there any knowledge anywhere about wether the module will be available anytime soon?

Hi everybody, I bought a new one on ifixit Store (thanks to the clue of Urs_lesse) and it works!