Fairphone 2 beta program signup instructions

Hi everyone,

The Fairphone 2 has reached the end of its life, which means the beta program has also reached it natural end. I will leave the post around, for posterity’s sake. Thanks to everyone who has joined over the years and helped us keep our old friend alive this long. :slight_smile:


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Hi Fairphone 2 owners!

We would like to inform you about our Fairphone 2 beta program for software updates.

The Fairphone 2 beta program allows users to try out pre-release versions of Fairphone OS. Help the Fairphone team make Fairphone OS better by letting us know of any quality and usability issues you encounter.

This beta program is seen as a pilot, and a great way to let our community be involved in software development. We might expand the beta program to include future software development as well.

Please note that this software is beta and therefore may contain errors, therefore we recommend that only experienced users participate in the program.

How to join

The process to join is simple.

  1. Log into the forum.
    New to the forum? Click here to sign up.

  2. Find your user name on the top right corner, after clicking on your profile picture

  3. Send an email to fp2.beta@fairphone.com, including your :one: forum username and a :two: short motivation.

We will evaluate your request and add you to the beta users group on the forum, of which you will receive an email. You will then be able to browse the beta section of the forum, where the version currently under test is always pinned to the top.


The Fairphone 2 team


Can’t wait :smile:
Thank you for sharing this info :smile:

Cool! Good initiative! Want to join!

Hi, want to join too!

You can sign me up too!

Me too!!! Exciting :smile:

We’re ready to launch the beta program.

The process to join is simple: send an email to beta@fairphone.com and we will send you the instructions how to participate. Please mention your forum username in the email. We are aiming to include less than 30 participants in our first round of testing.

Please note: we recommend that only experienced users participate in the program.



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What is the definition of an “experienced user”?
Does that mean a beta tester should be able to install a new OTA update without assistance? Does it mean he/she should be able to download an installer package and run that? Should he/she be an adb wizard? What are the requirements?


I think the requirements are to not get pissed, if something doesn’t work as expected… :wink:


Hi Jerry,

With “experienced user” we mean that the user should understand how to install the update manually, and doesn’t mind to play around with the phone, give us feedback and install new beta builds. ADB skills are not a requirement, though knowledge of ADB doesn’t hurt of course.




Email sent!
Thank you in advance! :smile:

just sent the email.
Happy to contribute to the project :smile:

mail sent!!!

Sent email.
It’s cool.

You can sign me up too :wink:

Nice approach to include users in testing.

I have a question: Is the following bug fixed already? If not, is there any hope that it will get fixed in 1.8?


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If still possible I take part as well

@romain @rattini: You need to send an email to beta@fairphone.com including your forum name, if you want to take part in the program.

I guess quite some people are already beta-testers by now.

Some questions to all of you:
Did you have to sign a NDA?
Are your sharing information with each other?
If not, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a sub-forum for you guys?

I’d also be interested to read about your experiences, both with the processes and results in beta-testing FPOS. Not possible if there is a NDA, of course.

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no I didn’t sign one.

there is one, but only beta testers can see it.

I guess you could apply to the beta testing program and then don’t download and install the os update but just read the posts in the sub-forum. just send an email including your forum username to beta@fairphone.com and mention that you just want to access the forum without actually participating, just in case they have concerns about such desires.