A little guide to ... the Fairphone Community (How to become part of the movement and contribute)

This is THE guide to the Fairphone Community! It answers the most important questions if you want to become a part of our movement. Contact the @moderators if you think that something is missing from this guide.

How can I meet other Fairphoners in my area?

Have a look at the meetups on the #communitymap below or head to the forum agenda.

How do I start a Fairphoner group and host meetups?

  1. See whether there is already an entry for your area in the #addressbook of local Fairphoners.
  2. If there isn’t already one, start a new topic in the #community category to find out if there are people that want to meet up.
  3. Add your topic to the list in the Local Fairphoners #addressbook
  4. Read the Tips on how to organize your first Fairphone community meetup.
  5. Ask the @moderators to add a date to your topic so that it appears in the meetup agenda.

Here you can find community event materials provided by Fairphone and their partners. For flyers and websites you can use the Fairphone Community Design.

How can I help others with technical issues?

How can I help Fairphone?

How can I chat with other Fairphoners online?

You can join #WeAreFairphone on Matrix (with registration) or #fairphone on IRC (without registration).

How can I participate as an (aspiring) developer?

Join us in the WeAreFairphone organization on Github! Simply contact one of the existing members via Matrix/IRC (see above for contact details).

How can I meet Fairphone in Amsterdam?

Follow the news about #efct19.