Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

I am on Geraspora.de , were I saw these hashtags.

Hi there,
I am Ben from Heidelberg, Germany. I bought a Fairphone 2 about a year ago and finally joined this forum to participate in this fascinating community and do some research for my Master’s degree :wink:
See you soon!


Welcome, @Bennett! Looking forward to the results of your research!


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Tobias from Germany here. I bought a Fairphone 2 last week, and I really love it so far. See you around!



Welcome to the forum, @AnotherElk! :slight_smile: If you want to get more involved into the lovely Fairphone community, check out our forum guide: :smiley:

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Hi, I’m Chris. I’m from Norway, and I’ve had my FP2 for about 9 months now. On a whim I tried to go 100% free and open source on it – and I’ve stayed closer to that than I expected to. The openness and fairness of this phone make all other phones non-options right now.

I’m educated in 2D-design and as a pedagogue, and will help if you need it.

I’ve lurked around the forums before looking for tips about living without GAPPS, changelogs, and also for new cases and mods. Now I’m here to report a bug.


Hi @ChristerMLB and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: Have your heard of #efct17 ?

Hi! I am Sabine, I live in Haarlem and since yesterday are a proud Fairphone owner.
This company really inspired me and I can’t stop telling people about the great concept.
I am originally from Germany, but live in The Netherlands since August, close to Amsterdam and I hope to be able to take part in the #efct17 :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Fairphone Community, @Tawa! :smiley: Great that you are planning to join us at #efct17 !

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No I hadn’t. Sounds interesting [:blush:]


Hi! I’m suddenly a FP2 user - after a year… Woah! An ethically sourced, fixable, 'smart’phone, from a community based phone co-op?! Happy days for an old hippy. I actually got my Fairphone 2 (my first ever "smart"phone) in Feb 2016 while in London - from the Phone Co-op (another potentially excellent idea). Then I moved back to working in the country (Devon, Somerset etc) - where the Phone Co-op (via EE) had very little signal. So my exciting FP2 got stuck in a draw, unusable, till Jan 2017 - when I realised I could buy out the contract and get back to Vodaphone Happy days, it worked, last week :smiley: :smiley: Suddenly I’m in a wood - and get messages, emails, even YouTube! (This last may depend on WiFi availabilty) SO, running my sauna and showers set up at UK small festivals (as I do), I’ll flash my ethical Fairphone! Now to go search for a Forum Thread called “What’s an app?” which would be apt for a tech almost newby - one who wants to set up my FP2 to be as easy to use as my backup Samsung GT-C3350… Anyone seen a Fair Laptop yet?


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Welcome to the forum, @Stuparod ! :slight_smile: Yo can search the forum by clicking the little magnifying glass above. There is a lot of information already that will satisfy your interests. If not, join the discussion in the respective topics! :slight_smile:

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I’m mohican from France.
I’m used to install GNU/Linux on personal computer for friends.

I do not own myself a Fairphone (nor any smartphone at the moment) but
lately I convinced a friend to buy a Fairphone2 with the aim of using the Fairphone Open OS.
It was first activated on the beginning of February 2017.

Since then she is experiencing a few troubles, and I’m also trying to figure out which apps will or will not work on Fairphone Open.


Hi, @mohican, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Every app will work (some only after installing the #dic:xposed module This App Will Run Without Google Play Services), but the trouble in most of the cases is, where to get them from. In any case, you should have a look at #livingwogoogle . :slight_smile:


Hey folks. I just got my new FP2 and ready to dive in.

I’m an experienced freelance embedded software engineer, with a lot of experience with free software projects, but I’m not so fluent in the Android environment, so there’s a lot for me to learn. I already spent some time going through forum posts and documentation, trying to figure out what’s what and especially what software I’ll want to run on my Fairphone.

To be honest, I’m a bit overwhelmed so far with the various options, caveats and workarounds, so I’ll probably be asking questions all over the place. I realize that being new gives allows me to see where (forum) documentation can be improved, by spotting the unclarities in the things I’ve read, so I’ll try to help out by asking questions with that in mind (sometimes even if I already figured out the answer, or at least I think I did).


Welcome to the forum, @matthijs ! Feel free to edit #wiki posts yourself! :slight_smile:

Also, I’m sure you’ll find some interesting stuff in the #hardware:diy category. :wink:

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