I've messed up my build.prop

after changing my build.prop file my FP1 stucks in the splash screen (this blue background with ‘fairphone’ on it). I have a backup of the original build.prop on my Mac, but can’t get access via USB to FP1.
How can I bring my FP1 back to life?


Can you boot to #dic:recoverymode?

Edit: For faster answers you should go to the place where the community devs hang out:

Yes, I can boot to recovery mode.
There I have the choice between:

  • reboot system now
  • apply update from ADB
  • apply update from sdcard
  • apply update from cache
  • wipe data/factory reset
  • wipe cache partition
  • backup user data
  • restore user data
    What shall I choose?


None, simply connect to your PC via USB and type adb devices. Does your phone show up?

PS: I’m assuming that you have #dic:adb configured.

I’ve installed ADB a few days ago, but nothing configured.
After typing’./adb devices’ the response is only:
‘List of devices attached’
But nothing else.

And when you enter “Apply update from ADB”?

See here for more info: (Bricked your Fairphone?)


Today I’ve tried it and was successful.
Now my FP1 is working well again.

Thanks for your straightforward help (and the hints to the usage of the forum).



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