Extremely slow USB connection

My FP4 arrived 2 days ago. Everything works smoothly, but the USB connection to my Win 10 PC operates extremely slowly. I can see the Phone in Win Explorer, can open folders withput problems. Right after I plug it in, I can also move files, but not for very long.
After that initial period, i can’t even move very small (e.g. 30 kb) files or view pictures.

Thing I have tried but didnt work:

  • use another USB cable
  • use different USB port (including USB-C)
  • uninstalling and reinstalling the FP from the Windows device manager
  • dismount the micro SD card in the FP
  • restart the PC

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the community :wave:

That sounds like some write buffer is getting overwhelmed :thinking:

  • Does the connection fail completely or is it just getting unbearably slow?
  • Are you moving files from your PC to the micro SD in your phone or to the phones internal storage?
  • Is the SD formatted as internal or external?
  • What brand and model of SD is it?
  • Have you tried moving files to the SD using a card reader, is it faster that way?

Thank you!

  • it gets unbearably slow, but the phone never disconnects. The Win explorer does seem to be affected by it too, I had it nearly crash a couple of times
  • i tried to use the SD card as internal storage, so the PC didnt distinguish between the memory of the phone and the SD card (no separate folders). But i just physically remoced the card and there was no change
  • the SD card worked just fine in my last phone too, up until a few das ago. so I think we can rule it out as the source of the problem

Ok, so at least the SD card doesn’t get unmounted suddenly. I can’t help you with the explorer behaviour, somebody who’s running Windows will have to answer that.

I would strongly advise against formatting the SD card as internal storage, the risks far outweigh the benefits. Have a look at the SD card guide for FP3/FP4.

I wouldn’t rule it out as a potential problem, the FP4 is a bit picky regarding microSD cards, especially if they are made by SanDisk. There’s a long thread about it here and a ✏ List of compatible micro SD / SDXC cards for FP4

Maybe try formatting the card as external storage and see if the transfer problems persist when writing directly to it. If you have other microSDs lying around, it would be also very interesting to know if they exhibit the same problem :thinking: