The At a Glance widget shows only date and is randomly replaced by the Google search bar

This happened after the Android 12 update and I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. This is how it used to look on Android 11 (the widget is partially hidden by an open folder, I unfortunately don’t have a better screenshot):

Now it more or less randomly oscilates between the At a Glance widget which shows only date (weather info, event reminders, etc. are missing) and the Google search bar. After reboot it usually shows the Google search bar but the moment you somehow mess up with the UI, it changes to the At a Glance widget.

When you long-press on it, it shows the At a Glance preferences, but no matter what you choose there, it still only shows current date. If you manually add the At a Glance widget on a different screen (or on a different spot on the main screen), it works absolutely fine and shows all information. So it’s not a problem with the widget itself.

Also please notice that the Google search bar at the bottom is now completely gone.

This has already been mentioned in the Android 12 release topic:


Those having the Google App deactivated, will not notice, or only notice that the search bar is completely gone…for me the perfect state , so I would hope this will not be fixed :crazy_face:

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If they removed both of those widgets altogether, I wouldn’t mind at all. Especially when you can add them as regular widgets and they actually work. But this situation is actually pretty funny. Fairphone claims that they cannot remove the Google search bar from the default launcher (Quickstep) because it’s part of the Google certification process. Then how the heck did this pass through all of those tests? :smiley:


Tests? They do tests? :clown_face: Thanks for creating this topic. I will get back in the game once the stuff I’ve reported the past year gets attention. Otherwise it’s just a waste of time. Support just consolidates all the reports and then closes them without feedback. At least, that’s my experience. Even the minor stuff, such as typos in settings don’t get fixed. That’s just changing a string…


I think the millions of Google test were meant not internal FP QC…and yes they do tests, I see room for improvement however stating they do nothing is wrong.

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Yeah, I have one ongoing open ticket that now has 2 pages (and approx. 60 messages) where I post all the issues. It’s a mess. But I’m simply following their instructions. :smiley:


The clown face emoji is meant as sarcasm. I know they do tests, and yes, there is indeed room for improvement.


my understanding of sarcasm

Sarcasm refers to the use of words that mean the opposite of what you really want to say, especially in order to “insult” someone, or to show irritation.

combined with earlier comments from your end, might have lead me to a “false interpretation” of your sarcasm

Not everything needs to be a discussion :slight_smile: It was just a joke.

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But you only joke to an audience, and then you get feedback, was if funny ?? Hmm! I don’t think so.

Sarcastic yes, and that is fun for the user but not funny for all the readers unless they have the same opinion maybe as you, which is pretty obviously derogatory.

What’s not to discuss?

That some users are not happy with

  • the quality of updates
  • the response they want from Fairphone

As long as users know this is a general whinge then I see no problem with sarcasm, but I try not to use it as some/many individuals don’t want to see it.

Widgets ?? ‘A small useful item’ or not aqs maybe the case here. A whatsit!

Just to clarify, this was the part I wrote as a joke. Discussing if it’s funny, sarcastic or whatever seems pointless to me. It’s a joke. Laugh, don’t laugh. I hope it’s clear now. Sure, the quality of the updates are valid discussions, which includes working widgets. I hope that settles it…

But do you not care about your audience? :cry:

A healthy community that interacts in a productive and friendly way is important. But if someone doesn’t find a joke funny then that’s just an acceptable risk. If you want to continue this discussion, them please DM me. Then we can keep this thread on topic.


Hi, I am having an issue since updating to android 12, the search bar randomly disappears.
Can’t seem to find a way to get it back without rebooting.

Anybody else seeing a similar issue?


Please see above you are not alone with this


Same issue. For me the search bar (ecosia, ecofriendly alternative to google) was below the quick access symbols. Really nice, because it is essentially also a quick access.
Since Androdi 12 same issue: After reboot it appears on top and after a while gets replaced back by the at a glance (which seems to be worse than with Android 11).
Is this yet an acknowledged issue?

Same issue as described by OP

Also same issue here

I’m seeing the same issue. Before the upgrade to Android 12, the search bar was located at the bottom, after the upgrade, usually the search bar is located at the top, except when it randomly vanishes, and only reappears upon reboot. It’s quite annoying…

Some days I have a search bar at the top of the home screen, other days not. Running A12.
I can go to the search bar at the top of the news feed screen.

Any thoughts?