Android 12 has come to the FP4

its “there” however only when you pull down the quick settings menu…


Are there any plans to include the monet theme engine, which enables a dynamic system & icon color palette based on the wallpaper, in a later update, or can we expect that only in Android 13?

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First post here, but can we please please please get rid of the bloody google be search bar on the home screen? It was ugly, unwanted and unpractical before, and now that it is stupidly stuck at the top of the home screen since A12, it’s ugly, unwanted and unusable…


Hi and welcome, that will not be possible as mandatory by Google. You can use another Launcher to ge rid.

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Argh. Ok, thanks. I guess it’s the same for clocks etc? If I add a widget for time so it’s bigger, then I have twice the date in two languages and twice the time displayed. But I lost the “time in other cities” display unless I have yet another widget. The UI is really, really crappy. Coming from a OnePlus Pro it’s quite a disappointment. :confused:

Anyway, thanks for your help.


Please see here as well because yes something is broken, not sure if what explain is normal or a bug. I disabled the Google App and curre tly neither have the search bar nor any other issues as the weather widged is diasabled as well. Only ugly I see is the too big clock on the lock screen

I did some tests by creating a test hidden SSID on my home router. In all cases, it worked without any issues. The tested scenarios were:

  • router: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK + with AES cipher, phone: WPA2
  • router: WPA2-PSK/WPA3-SAE transitional, phone WPA2
  • router: WPA2-PSK/WPA3-SAE transitional, phone WPA3
  • router: OWE (open “WPA3”), phone “Enhanced Open”

Just be sure to check “hidden network->yes” in “Advanced settings” when adding the network on the phone. Without this switch, it will not find the network.


Just try the Lawnchair launcher, you have way more options with it, and if you are not happy then you can go back to the stock launcher in a few clicks. So nothing to loose…

Out of curiosity, is anyone in The Netherlands with KPN who received the update? I haven’t gotten it yet, but I am also not getting the latest security update that was released four days ago…

The combination makes me think something is going wrong with my phone.

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Access point not working at all (wifi, usb…). Just displays “error” and switch off.
Worked before Android 12.

There are still a couple of partners that are testing and verifying the full compatibility of the software with their networks.

We will release either the Android 12 upgrade or the security patch update as soon as possible for those partners’ customers.


Same here, did not receive it. Both of those are out while I am just sitting here with my 3 months old security patch…

I assume they would “soon” give us either. I guess they are not compatible somehow so one can’t have the A11 security patch then the A12 update.

But the emphasis is on “soon”. Which is a magical term that does not say anything really.


At least the scrolling screenshot works…


Material You will be in the Android 13 update, don’t worry, just a few more months :upside_down_face:


Small update on that topic - Material You is not included in A12 by default but we’re looking into it, and we hope we can add it in a future update (no guarantee).


Since the change from Android 12 to 13 is much smaller than from 11 to 12, and 13 is generally more stable than 12 as well, could we expect it to arrive sooner than 12 did, maybe by relegating the new theme engine to just 13 as well?


Today there was another nag screen that my phone is “out of date”. I would like to omit those “reminders”.
What happens if I download the update, install it (will be unsuccessful because of patched boot.img)?
Will the update ignored then?

Yep same here after updating in the UK. Does anybody have a solution for this?

I used Android 12 for a year on my Pixel 3, it was working perfectly. Do you have examples? Not saying that Android 13 shouldn’t happen ASAP, just wondering what you exactly mean. The Android 12 experience on a Fairphone is not as it suppose to be. I don’t know why there can be such a difference.


It seems to be a release primarily focused on properly hashing out all the big changes made in 12 (though some of those improvements made it into later releases of 12 as well).

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