Various issues after most recent security update (5th of February)


after the most recent security update (Android security level 5th of Feb, Android 12) I noticed my Fairphone having some issues/changes. Perhaps some are minor and can be changed, so I wanted to ask for help here.

-The one that is annoying me the most is the following: Since the update, my clock does not referesh anymore after I turn off my phone and turn it on again. I usually keep the clock on manual setting so I can have it run a few minutes in advance to train station clocks etc. and I turn my phone off at night. Now after turning it on again, it shows me date and time of the evening before. The clock works normally, as in it shows the minutes passing but without refreshing the time. In automatic settings, everything is as normal.

-The second issue is a minor design thing. Since the update, the clock on the lock screen is huge and takes up the entire screen. I thought there is a setting for changing this (and that the same setting already existed beforehand) but I can’t find it in the system setting. Anyone know where it is?
(It’s not a screen saver, as this setting is turned off on my phone).

-The third issue is a minor/medium thing, seems to be a design error to me. In the new drag down menu, the tiles like internet, bluetooth etc. are in light blue when they are activated. Now for the internet one I noticed, that sometimes the light blue colour stays even when internet is turned off completely (meaning wifi is off and mobile data are off), and/or it goes to grey / deactivated and when using the drag down menu again the light blue colour turns on by itself again, even when internet is still completely turned off.
This is kinda irritating because it makes me double check all the time if mobile data is really off (because that costs me more, esp. when roaming). Is this a bug? Has anyone else got this?

-Lastly, I observed that the screen brightness got pretty dark in my opinion. I do not mean the automatic brightness, which as I have read on the forum was too dark for many people and there was a fix for it in the most recent update. I mean manual brightness settings. I feel like I have to turn it up to 40 or 50 % to see enough, which was more than before. Anyone who shares this experience?

My FP4 build number is FP4.SP21. B.048.20230215, I can send screenshots if that helps, and thank you in advance for any hints and help.

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For the first see here

For the second, currently the setting does not exist

For the third
Can confirm didnt notice before as I just turn Airplane mode on when I want to disconnect internet completely

For the 4th see here


Thanks Yvonne for the reply. For the first topic you linked, someone there wrote to check if the phone has got a network connection all the time, or something. My phone does have it (although since the update there is an exclamation mark beside the network status symbol and I don’t know what it means). So I’m not sure if that thread helps, might read again and go into more detail.

Sad that the clock can’t be changed. Might be a reason to roll back (if even possible?)…

For the third one, I saw this thread is mainly about automatic brightness, or did I overlook something?

And another thing:
When I first got the FP4, there was a non removable search bar on the bottom of the screen, didn’t like it but got used to it. With the new update, this search bar first disappeared, then reappeared at the top of the screen. Didn’t like it either but got used to it again.
Now while my phone was running and I was typing my first reply, the search bar disappeared again. Does anyone know more about this?

I understood, lowest brightness is too low/dark for you, correct? Than thats what other topic is mainly about…it was too bright for some before the update (because automatic brightness did not go down to 0 and only to around 30%). Now that it goes down to 0 other people find it too dark…not sure I would say the overall brightness decreased… Did you by chance have extra dim enabled? Thats a new feature you can find it in the quick settings

For the first, you say after turning off the phone, clock is incorrect, there is no connection when turned off🤔 and was in my opinion exactly what the OP in the other thread wrote?

Reg the exclamation mark: do you have phone, and mobile data (Wifi off) when you see it? Sounds like no connection at all.

Rollback difficult and bad idea, better to ask for this feature I guess…

Search bar issue here discussed

I have the Google App deactivated and neither have a widget nor searchbar… Perfect for me😉


Thanks for the answer. Not necessarily the lowest brightness is too low, but brightness in general imo. Where I had it (manually) on approx. 20-30 % I now need to set it to 40 -50 % to get the same result. Anyway, maybe it is the same issue. I had already read about extra dim and checked again, it’s disabled.

About the clock, maybe I described it in a confusing way. I turn off my phone, and turn it on again. When the clock setting is on manual, it does not refresh. But I do have a network connection all the time. I might experiment with airplane mode, as the other user described, I haven’t done that yet,

About the exclamation mark, I just found that out :slight_smile: It goes away when I turn mobile data on. Without mobile data, it is there, no matter how good the network coverage is. If I have no network connection at all, I actually see the text “no connection”. So the exclamation mark is only about mobile data. I rarely use that, so that’s another confusing thing for me :sweat_smile:

And the search bar appeared again after a restart xD thanks for pointing out the thread about that.

When you turn off your phone completely there cant be any connection (while its turned off) and thats the issue/bug IMHO or do you mean, just turning of the screen?

Overall I would advice to add your comments in the respective topics, duplicat discussions are not that good and at least the brightness topic is monitored by Fairphone.


No you’re right, I meant turning off the phone completely, not just the screen.

Btw.: This icon can be used to search for already created topics on this forum:

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I have the polar opposite issue. Sometimes it shows as being off even though it’s actually on. Quite strange!

J’ai également remarqué quelques problèmes survenus après les dernières mises à jour :
1- La luminosité de l’écran baisse tout seul sans que j’ai touché au curseur ! Elle baisse un peu parfois après quelques minutes ou bien quand j’éteins et rallume le FP4

2- Il n’y a plus de barre de recherche !! elle a disparu après la dernière mise à jour…!!!

3- La date ne s’affiche plus correctement: par exemple l’écran affiche: samedi,mars 18 ( système américain ou anglais!) au lieu de Samedi 18 mars

4- Dans les paramètres “Horloge” j’ai mis l’heure du lieu ou j’habite ainsi que l’heure du lieu ou vit ma fille (autre pays), mais sur l’écran seule la date du lieu ou je vis apparaît !

Avant ces mises à jour , il n’y avait pas ces problèmes , ils sont apparus APRÈS ces récentes mises à jour.

Quelqu’un chez FAIRHONE peut il répondre à mes questions ?


I’ve also noticed a few issues after the latest updates:
1- The brightness of the screen drops by itself without touching the cursor! It drops a little sometimes after a few minutes or when I turn off and turn on the FP4

2- There is no search bar anymore!! it disappeared after the last update…!!!

3- The date is no longer displayed correctly: for example the screen displays: Saturday, March 18 (American or English system!) instead of Saturday March 18

4- In the “Clock” parameters I put the time of the place where I live as well as the time of the place where my daughter lives (another country), but on the screen only the date of the place where I live appears!

Before these updates, there were no these problems, they appeared AFTER these recent updates.

Can someone at FAIRHONE answer my questions?

The forum is no official support line for an answer from Fairphone you have to #contactsupport.

Else please follow up in either the genetal topic about the recent update here

Or any of the topics discussing yoir issues like here

Or here

To avoid further duplication of discussion I will close this topic here.