Random Screen dimming (while brightness slider stays at 100%) after A12 update

I read everything. I have this error since the beginning of using FP. before installing the new update. I sent a request to FP. They apologize for the inconvenience and say they are working on it.

that’s interesting, since when exactly do you encounter it? and when did you file the ticket?

Can anyone confirm that this is relevant to this situation?

I don’t think it’s relevant, the fix is from March 2022 and we would had noticed if somebody had already fixed the problem 16 months ago… The Iodé team would had told Fairphone about it, wouldn’t they.
Most likely another, similar-sounding bug (didn’t have my FP4 yet at that time, so I don’t know what it could had been).


Many have recently confirmed above they have the issue with custom ROM. Beside the fact the dimming happens even when automatic brightness is off. So no it isnt relevant here


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I currently have a support ticket open for this issue.
I will keep one updated here of any progress in case that is appreciated?


Random Screen dimming? Ghost Inputs

Refund your Fairphone as described in the German magazine Ct 17/2023 S.62…

The random screen dimming is gonna be fixed more or less soon, while the ghost inputs don’t happen to everybody and can be fixed by simply putting a piece of foam onto the offending connector. Those aren’t reasons to return phones to me, knowing that Fairphones aren’t highly-polished devices such as Samsung phones. If you buy one, you can expect a few issues and hacky workarounds in exchange for not feeling bad for exploiting workers or polluting the earth. If you want a highly-polished device with little to no errors that was made in unfair conditions, go buy a Samsung or Apple device. It’s as easy as that.


How long is that in metric units? :slight_smile:


I have no idea, but I trust Fairphone in that regard as it seems to be a 3rd party driver issue.


Sorry I was being cheeky.

Why do you want to make people have a bad conscience? Even if you buy a supposedly fairly produced smartphone, you have the right to basic usability. This is not given due to a bug that is now almost 6 months old.


I don’t want to come over as overly defensive of Fairphone here, especially since I am affected too by this bug and it annoys me. But Fairphone is a rather small company and their device is more experimental than polished. Of course the bug fixing takes a very long time, probably longer than justified, but this is to be expected with an experimental device. I personally don’t think that the bug affects ”basic usability”, but that may differ from person to person, and as I said before, this bug will probably be fixed soon-ish, considering how much info has already been given to the developers. I imagine it will go just like it did with the AptX audio bug; there will be little to none communication, then it suddenly gets fixed in another update.

It most certainly isn’t. Rough on the edges, perhaps (not the hardware as far as I’m concerned though). But it’s been on the market for almost 2 years now.

This is a mature phone on the verge of getting old. If it had been experimental, I wouldn’t have bought one.


“Experimental” and “2 years old” are not mutually exclusive in my book :wink:

The way I see it, Fairphone released a beta ~2 years ago and just now decided to patch out the major flaws.


But most of the major flaws occured because of Android 12. Before the update the phone was at least for me perfectly usable. That’s why it is so frustrating


The dimming issue has been around for almost 6 months now. That’s 4 months too long IMO.


Agree on both counts!
I’m hearing that Fairphone is new to the smartphone market, that’s why the FP4 is kind of “experimental” (polite term for roughly finished), but that doesn’t stand: That would only apply to the FP1, and a little less to the FP2, and even less to the FP3.
The FP4 is the 4th iteration (surprise!), and by now they really should have learned how to make them. Also, the FP4 is definitely not new, it’s even at the end of its commercial life since they’ve announced the FP5, so I think one should reasonably expect it to be (reasonably) bug-free by now.

I bought one specifically because of the reasoning as explained above. I need a reliable phone working 24/7, I can’t afford fits and vagaries, for me it’s a tool, not a pet.

(BTW, the old tired “Yes, but fair…!!!” argument doesn’t excuse anything. “Fair” is by no means an excuse for sloppy, I really can’t find any logical connection between those two. It’s really just that, a bad excuse. :frowning_face:)


Frankly I don’t trust them anymore.
How do you know it’s a third party driver issue? as long as they don’t state such a thing officially it is 100% their fault and responsibility. Why wouldn’t they tell the world in case they are depending on others in this specific issue? Regarding the ghost touches they told me that they are working on it with the hardware supplier (for 8 months…)

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