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i want buy fairphone 4 in Italy, where the store??

Hi and welcome to the forum. Is there any reason not to buy direct from Fairphone?

As far as I know there is no shop in Italy selling the Fairphone see shops in Europe selling the Fairphone.
You can buy it directly from Fairphone.
On this page at the right you will see an icon with a flag, Tap on it and you can select a country and a language (even Italian).


Hi @ano6717122023 , I don’t want to reduce your enthusiasm about the fairphone but I would propose you to have a look into the “random screen brightness dim issue” and the “ghost touch hardware bug”. Fairphone needed more than one year to solve the second topic and after now 5 months have not yet solved the first problem.

so consider wisely if you want to buy a potentially buggy product.


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sorry, to pop in unannounced, but we have a long discussion in this thread. on my side i fixed it a while ago and i’m (besides the “minor” android 13 Bugs, including the brightness issue) quite happy. But the Display Issue is a topic, you still should have to keep in mind.

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Puoi caricare i contanti su una prepagata e comperare dallo store ufficiale su web!!!

La carta di credito prepagata è una carta di credito ricaricabile. Carichi di volta in volta i soldi che ti servono, ed è più sicura. Se fai una ricerca online ne trovi tantissime che puoi prendere in banca, posta, tabaccheria…