Why do I need a proof of purchase?

So I have 2 identical FP4 units with both a recent OS on it. Both have the same issue where the brightness just drops to unusable levels without the ability to increase it as the slider is already at 100%.

Both phones are registered for extended warranty.

So I just tried filing a support request but even though I already supplied my IMEI during that process for one of the phones now they still are asking for a proof of purchase.
I have already supplied a proof of purchase while registering them.
I am getting a bad feeling about the willingness of fairphone to actually fix issues under warranty.
Let’s hope I am wrong.


Different people/departments so you may have to show the receipt for this support.

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That would mean these departments can’t check a central database where this info should be accessable internally.

If that is the case then that does not inspire confidence


There may not be a central database and a second check may seem to be more ‘reliable’

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Proof of purchase, is to proof current ownership which could have changed…

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After submitting the topic, I got the following response:

Regarding the brightness issue, I have logged and reported it to the relevant team for further investigation.

Please rest assured that we are doing our best to have this resolved as soon as possible. I kindly ask you to give us more time to investigate this. As soon as we have any news, we will immediately communicate it directly to you.

I am happy to report that fairphone opened a support ticket after I reminded them I already showed proof of purchase during registration. After which they asked no more questions regarding that.

it looks like we might finally have an ethical phone brand with a working central internal database :wink: What bliss!

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The process at Fairphone does suck big time…
I’m not sure yet ig that is for a reason by accident

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