Random Screen dimming (while brightness slider stays at 100%) after A12 update

wait - this issue didn’t occur with android 11 so why should it now be necessary to take half a year time to check all those temperature increase implications? this has already been thoroughly done before the FP4 was released in 2021 I would expect.


Clearly there has been a different firmware or OS change in the OS upgrade, all done in a factory with no real life testing.

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Yes, actually also for the other phones (Pixel, OnePlus, etc.) reporting the issue, on Reddit and XDA, are on Android 12 and 13.

I’m not an Android developer, but I’ve read that from 11 to 12 (API level 30 → API level 31) something in the thermal service has been changed.

For me, switching from 5G to 4G, has mitigated a little bit the dim issue.

But these days here it’s 40+C°

If I went out in the sun I would probably die before I saw the display dimming. :slightly_smiling_face:


As my contract does not includes 5G its always off on my device… Maybe when you potentially have 5G it makes a difference.

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My contract does includes 5G but I stay on 4G because 5G sucks: it’s either fast - but not much faster than 4G - or it suddenly becomes dog-slow (as in kB/s slow) for no good reason and without warning, and it won’t recover, so I have to disconnect and reconnect mobile data.

After 3 times waiting for an email that wasn’t coming through because the damn data link had gone full Stephen Hawking, I got tired of it and switched back to 4G. It’s a bit slower, but the speed is constant and reliable.

Yes, the issue it’s still there anyway.
For “mitigate a little bit” I mean that it takes more time to dim, probably because 4G generates less heat then 5G in the hardware module.

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Unfortunately. The auto dimming of the screen has not been fixed. regardless of whether there is brightness in the machine or not. this disqualifies FP4 in sunny weather. the screen becomes hard to read, google maps in a car with an illegible FP4 screen is a big problem.


In the sun and even in the shadow I find the brightness of the screen too low, making it hard to read.
Settings are on auto and 100%.
Is there any way to increase the brightness?

did anybody here try to increase readability with a matte screen protector? reducing the reflections should help at least a bit.

the screen by itself, suddenly dims the brightness. is not the work of an automaton. foil won’t do anything. problem in the sofa.

@Wac_Tom surely the film won’t remove the root cause of the dim issue itself… however it might reduce the symptoms of it a little bit.

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czw., 20 lip 2023, 13:49 użytkownik facetto via Fairphone Community Forum <forum@fairphone.com> napisał:

if it’s the software’s fault, we’d all have this problem. however, if it is only my FP4 that has a problem, it should be replaced or repaired…:grin:

no… what? don’t understand what you mean.

…will not remove the root cause.

pls. scroll up to get some info on this software bug which exists since the android 12 update. it probably affects all FP4 but maybe many people don’t recognize it as bug. I as well only understood why I sometimes have trouble seeing the screen after I stumbled upon the posts here.

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and what did I write?

I read everything. I have this error since the beginning of using FP. before installing the new update. I sent a request to FP. They apologize for the inconvenience and say they are working on it.

that’s interesting, since when exactly do you encounter it? and when did you file the ticket?