Random disconnecting wifi, again

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Last year my fp2 lost wifi connection dozens of times a day. In the end (after doing all things like rebooting and deleting apps etc) Fairphone put a new wifi antenna in the phone. That helped, though I lost bluetooth but somehow that returned after an update.
Now the wifi connection is lost randomly more and more often, and I’m nearly back to dozens of times a day. Sometimes it is totally turned off with the connection button swiped to ’ turn off’ (which I didn’t do myself). Most times it just lost connection. Sometimes I can reconnect by manually tapping on ’ connect’ but more and more often I have to restart the phone. It’s extremely annoying especially since I know the communication with fairphone support is so strenuous. Anyone have a good idea to get my phone to work properly?

Hi, did you have a solution for your problem? I have the same problem far worse. My phone keeps disconnecting, now I think it has been a month or so.
I’m on a chat and while txting, I’ll be disconnected every 5mn, sometimes it makes it impossible to have conversations…

hi no it’s just getting worse. It’s the second time too, I had the same issue last year and in the end sent the phone to fairphone repair service and that did help. For a while. And while it helped, I lost bluetooth connection (which came back a few months later, all by itself). Fairphone support will tell me to check for bad apps etc but it’s not any of my apps I think. I actually regret buying a fairphone, which is a shame!

I agree, I admit that I’m tired too, I had a few others issues as well and it’s getting tiresome. My daughter even said she’s going to get an iphone when she can and I think she’s right.
I’m going to open a query then, thanks.


it seems as if I have the same issue.

However to me it appears as if WIFI disconnects also depend on the router. With Speedport router I ha no problems so far. WIth FritzBox I have multiple wifi reconnect or no connection at all.

Usually a phone reboot solved this issue for some time.

thanks, that seems plausible as it disconnects much more often at home where I have a fritzbox, then at the office. So I’ll try to get a different router. Thanks again for the tip!

Still it seems like a strange problem to me.

Does anybody has an idea about the reasons for these disconnects? it is really annoying.