✏ Gear (not) compatible to Fairphone 1(U) (Accessories)

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There us a lot of stuff that you can use and connect with your Fairphone, but there is also a lot of stuff that’s not compatible. The difference is not always clear, in this topic you can post what products you can use with your FP or not and why. Only change when you’re sure.

For headphones check out this discussion and read this article.


Partially compatible

  • GoPro Hero 3+ (see Discussion)
  • Changers Solar Charger - the included cable doesn’t work for me ( @paulakreuzer ) when trying to connect the battery to the phone. It works for connecting the phone to the computer or a socket though and I can charge my phone from the battery with another cable.

Not compatible

Problems reported by one/few people

  • Jawbone Up (so far only one report of non-compatibility with fairphone, can soneone confirm?)
  • Belkin Hands Free Kit (problem reported here)

Not tested/reported yet