Fairphone and Jawbone UP - Can anyone make them work together?

Hi, I bought at Jawbone UP armband that is supposed to connect to my
phone via the audio jack connector, since i am not able to use the
blootooth connection. The phone however is not reacting, when i put in
the jack connector. There is nothing wrong with the jawbone. It works fine when it is
connected to other phones. It i supposed to work with an android system
as long as it has Android 4.0, which i should mean the fairphone can
live up to.

Do any of you have the UP and can you tell me if it works with your fairphone?

Best regards,


Hi Marie
I bought one this week (UP 3) and was really disappointed when I realise that the app is not compatible with the fairphone. Did you find any solution?
Best, Mikela

I don’t own a Jawbone UP. But maybe you could write what version of Android you use on the FP1 and what kind of app you try to run. There is an unofficial 4.4.4 port here in the forum. I’m not sure if someone with a Jawbone UP has ever tested it.

Dear Mikela,

Unfortunetley i didnt find a solution. Ended up using my boyfriends ipad instead.
Best, Marie

Sorry to hear that, Marie. Me too, am using an iPad to upload my data.
And yes, I think it is 4.4. that is missing to run the Jawbone UP.
On the FP1 it is 4.2 right?

You can install install the unofficial Android #kitkat 4.4.4 and see if it works then. :warning: You’ll lose all your data in the process, so you should have a proper backup (the preinstalled backup&restore app is not enough, better go for Titanium Backup).

Oh, I wished I knew about that backup, I’ve lost my data so many times during these 2,5 years as a fairphoneuser.
I’ll try to follow your instructions, thankyou!