GoPro App with GoPro Hero3+ - No preview

Hey guys,

I borrowed a GoPro from a friend for my coming vacation.

After connecting phone and camera (GoPro Hero3+, no BacPac or LCDPac installed) it is fully functional except that my phone does not show me the camera preview.

I own a Fairphone Second edition with Cherry 1.6. The GoPro Apps’ version is 2.5.95

The GoPro website suggests the following:

I tried most of the advice, except changing the password and doing the manual update.

Does anybody have the same camera and no problem? Or maybe solved it already?

Any help would be appreciated!


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I would try the suggestions of updating the device and updating the wifi password as described in the article. Unfortunately I don’t have a GoPro, so can’t offer any other advice on it. Maybe someone else on the forums can.

Changing the password didnt help. GoPro and FP are updated.

Another friend of mine tried today with Android and it worked on his phone. The guy I borrowed it from has an Iphone so I thought it might be worth to check the camera in combination with Android.

Anyone using FP with a GoPro?

Hello, i have not a FP (but very interested by FP!!!) , but i have a GoPro Hero 3+, and i am searching info for compatibility. I have found that link on french gopro website:
gopro compatibility information
It seems to be ok for android 4.3…
So, the question is : did the FP batch 2 upgradable with android 4.3?

For now the answer is: NO. FP1(U) runs on Android 4.2.2, and the community does not know, if there will be an upgrade.
Hopefully there will be more information on this in the blogpost, which has been announced by FP-staff.

I am facing the same problem. The GoPro (3 black edition) viewer is not working on my fairphone. FPis still running with Android 4.2 and don’t know if I can upgrade to 4.3? but i updated the gopro to latest version and it did not change anything.

Same problem over here. That’s it – I’m selling it. (I also had unsolvable problems with the bluetooth adapter in my car.) I’m going to buy a Samsung phone again – then you’re on the sure side in regard to compatiblity with other hardware.

I have the same problem with my Hero4… the GoPro App only works proper with Android 4.3 - its a mess.
As whugemann said, if there is no solution i need to buy a new phone because i need the gopro app partially in my job.
Did one of you found a way to solve it? Maybe via Cyanogenmod? Thx

Hi, I have the same problem. I’ve just contacted the GoPro support service; their answer is that Fairphone doesn’t support the GoPro camera preview… So there’s no way to see the preview by now. Maybe it will be possibile with the future updatings of the GoPro app.

I suggest you to contact the GoPro support service, so they can see that there are many Fairphone owners between the GoPro users!

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I bought my first Go Pro last monday. Yesterday I tried to shoot with it but the result was an epic fail. I really need to understand how to use it before trying again. Do you know any training/ebook that can help me? I found this one. Do you know it?


The problem is not on the Gopro side, but on the FP side.
Many Android phones support the preview, FP should do it
as well.
This is no the only incompatibility I’ve found. A Fair phone?
Yes. A poor phone at that price? NO!

Hi guys,

I want to add to this as a FP employee on a personal note.

I’ve been heavily researching action cam’s this past week to use in the filming of a wedding (and future climbing and skiing trips). I’ve ended up settling for a Sony AS100V.

It’s unfortunate that the action cams apps are not working on our Fairphones :persevere: and that the current model places this limitation on us as adventurous Fairphone owners. But there is nothing I can do, the limitation is there and it is there to probably stay.

The only thing I can offer is a possible alternative, which is to equip your Go Pro with a LCD screen . I’ve did the same with my Sony, as the preview apps are known to be unstable anyway.

This will enable you in the long wait for FP2 - which should be compatible with these apps, to see what your Go Pro is doing :wink:

P.s. Or of course draw the wallet for a Go Pro 4 which comes with a very handy LCD/touchscreen.

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One update to this thread - for possible future readers. To my big surprise the Sony Playmemories app works perfect on the Fairphone 1 that I own.

So I’m going to send back the LCD Module and actually work with that. So a Sony might be an option for you if you want stable preview functionality, just be sure to test it out before your 14 day return period runs out - so you can return it if it turns out not to work in your specific case.

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