✏ FP2 wishlist vs reality

I’m going to compare the Wishlist for the FP2 and some interim poll results to what we know about the FP2 so far.


Wish: More “Fair” Material
Facts: Check the Wiki post. ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: Do more for worker welfare and spend at least the same percentage of the product cost to good causes as with the FP1 (cost breakdown)
Facts: FP2 cost breakdown ( :grey_question: )

Wish: Better repairability
Facts: Modular phone with great repairability ( :heavy_check_mark: ) (First phone ever to get 10/10 points from iFixit)


Wish: Quadcore with more speed that FP1 (1.2GHz)
Fact: Quadcore 2.5GHz (Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor) ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: More Ram than FP1 (1 GB)
Fact: 2GB RAM ( :heavy_check_mark: )


Wish: 16GB unified + micro SD card support
Fact: 32 GB + SD card ( :heavy_check_mark: )


Wish: FP1 Battery (2000 mAh) is fine, but lifetime can always be better. Battery should stay removable.
Facts: 2420 mAh removable li-ion battery ( :heavy_check_mark: )


Wish: Slightly larger (average preferred screen size is about 4,48’’)
Fact: 4,95" ( :o: )

Wish: Higher resolution than FP1 (960×540)
Fact: 1920 x 1080 ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: oleophobic glass to prevent smear and ease cleaning
Fact: Gorilla Glass 3 ( :grey_question: )

Wish: Wider brightness range
Fact: ( :heavy_check_mark: )


Wish: Better camera than FP1
Fact: 8 megapixel camera (like FP1) with OmniVision® image sensor ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: Improve front facing camera
Fact: 2 MP (FP1 was 1.3 MP) ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: Improve sealing of Camera module
Fact: ( :question: )

Wish: A more powerful flash
Fact: ( :heavy_check_mark: )


Wish: quad band for 3G
Fact: ( :grey_question: ) (probably)

Wish: Bluetooth 4 LE Support
Fact: Bluetooth® 4.0 LE ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: LTE
Fact: 4G LTE ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: Dual Band Wifi (2,4 and 5 GHz)
Fact: Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n/ac = 5GHz) ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: Improve GPS Fix speed
Fact: ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: Add GLONASS support
Fact: GPS, GLONASS; maybe even BeiDou ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: NFC
Fact: NFC will not be included by default but it could be added through modules. ( :heavy_multiplication_x: )

Wish: Dual Sim
Fact: Dual Sim ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: No Wish expressed about USB
Fact: No USB-C for now.


Wish: Move Loudspeaker to the front
Fact: ( :x: )

Wish: Use correctly labeled, illuminated buttons or even better on-screen-buttons
Fact: On screen buttons ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: More space between USB and Headphone Jack
Fact: ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: make cell (buffer) battery on the mainboard replaceable (and include in specs which type of battery should be used)
Fact: ( :question: )

Wish: make it easier to know without looking how the phone is oriented (aka where is the power switch)
Fact: ( :x: )

Wish: Trough-Hole on on edge of the case for lanyard
Fact: I don’t see it on the current case but new cases could come ( :heavy_multiplication_x: )

Wish: no camera protrusion from the rear
Fact: ( :heavy_check_mark: )


  • Shockproof: designed to survive multiple 1.85m high drops on all sides - on concrete!
  • No protective case needed (but very thick bezels).
  • 5 year life span (aim, no guarantee).
  • On/off button on the side, not on top.


Wish: Overall, the community agrees that the phone could be a tad lighter (than 170 g)
Fact: 160 g ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: No wish for dimensions expressed
Fact: 11.8 mm thick


Wish: OS updates for at least 2-3 years
Fact: ( :question: )

Wish: Make it possible to install alternative (FLOSS) operating systems.
Fact: Definitely possible. See list of all OSs here ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: Keep FP branding with ringtone, Apps and Widgets.
Fact: ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: Make preinstalled Apps removable
Fact: ( :heavy_multiplication_x: )

Wish: A fully Google-free alternative OS version that is supported by Fairphone.
Fact: Not right away, but will come ( :heavy_check_mark: )


Wish: Improve all Sensors
Fact: ( :question: )

Wish: Accessory connector comparable or even better compatible with Jolla
Fact: “we included an expansion port in the back of the transceiver” ( :heavy_check_mark: )

Wish: Make phone more compatible to more Accessories from our list.
Fact: FP2 will have Android 5 and Bluetooth 4 LE ( :heavy_check_mark: )



Wish: No wish expressed
Fact: € 525

Stats & Key:
:heavy_check_mark: : 26 wishes fulfilled
:x: : 5 wishes not fulfilled ( :heavy_multiplication_x: : 3 of them may come in the future)
:o: : 1 uncalled-for change
:question: : 7 open questions ( :grey_question: : for 3 the info may already be out there somewhere )


Hey @paulakreuzer,

thanks for this list! Great work. I post the following in the wiki as well, but i thought that would make your life easier.

Some remarks that lead to two more ticks:

  • Snapdragon 801 supports Wifi 802.11ac means 5GHz support (in 802.11n, 5GHz was optimal), See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.11ac
  • LTE is worldwide using 4G LTE Advanced World Mode, i strongly assume the same is true for 3G, but we will see.
  • GPS: Snapdragon uses Qualcomms iZat technology, which according to the manufacturer, uses GPS as well as GLONASS satellites.

Source: https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon/processors/801


Have we agreed that is a wish? There are so many people thinking otherwise that you could also include a second, alternating option “Preinstall GAPPS”.

Would you mind to factor the GAPPS out in a seperate wish along the lines: Provide a supported OS without Google Apps?

Similary, thanks for including my idea about the standard launcher, but i would not think of it as a wish, more a point to discuss and i have learned many people like the Fairphone launcher. So, i personally would not include that here.


You’re right, that’s the problem when mixing wishlists and poll results.

Is that better:

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I remember reading that they already have Gold and Tungsten from rair sources and only need to find ways to include them in the supply chain. (sorry, no link atm)

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I heard talk about fairtrade (not conflict-free) gold a while back too but they didn’t verify yet that it will already be included in first batch FP2.

Why is there a question mark?


I guess we could find that one out by looking at the modem specifications of Snapdragon 801.

One could add that this is possible with addon parts (third-party or from Fairphone) and Fairphone specifically mentions it as a future option.


IIRC many people said (especially when talking about screen size) that overall size matters to them and it should not be much larger than edition one.

This is much more likely to happen since a SoC vendor with longer support was chosen.

Root will not be default so removing system apps might become even harder.

I’ve read (and given source elsewhere in the forum) that Google Apps will be preinstalled.

Search for “expansion port” on https://www.fairphone.com/2015/06/16/the-architecture-of-the-fairphone-2-designing-a-competitive-device-that-embodies-our-values/


Although many people are complaining about some features, this is also the general feeling I get: Overall Fairphone has done a good job in juggling expectations from existing users, making the phone appealing to future users, while staying true to its original mission.


Thanks for your extensive reply.

The question mark at the battery specs is there because the wish was a better battery lifetime and we don’t yet know how much power the FP2 needs. So even with a better battery it might have a shorter runtime.

Your link doesn’t specify weather the Gorilla Glass prevents smears, or did I miss something?

About the orientation: It seems to me that the front-facing camera is much more noticeable than with the FP1, so I guess it will be easier to know if you’re holding the FP2 the right way up, but I guess we’ll only know once we’ve help one in our hands. :smiley:

I only included wishes from the wishlist (first post, I didn’t read the whole discussion) and the polls. If you find me a link I might include that wish.

About OS updates: I’m really confident too that updates will be provided with the FP2 but I’ll wait for an official announcement.

About preinstalled Apps: They could include make preinstalled apps that not everybody needs user apps, so one wouldn’t need root.

Yes Google Apps will be preinstalled, but let’s see how easy it will be to install a google-free OS.


This still sounds like a fact, maybe it can be formulated as a wish that can be fulfilled or rejected ;-).
Wish: Give users a choice to use a fully supported Android Version without Google Apps and services (possibly as Alternative)


Sorry, I didn’t think of that part of the wish.

I don’t know whether that is enough. In practice FP1 also has the Fairphone logo on the top left and the buttons on the bottom. That should be much more obvious than the front facing camera. I think it’s more about whether you can feel a difference the moment you pick it up.

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You have a point. I was just guessing, that the front camera would be recognizable even in the dark, whereas the FP1 looks the same on top and bottom in the dark. I replaced the check with a question mark and let the future decide on that point.

@ben How is that:

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I would have chosen

But you really want to include that 82% right? :wink: Ok fine then! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey you started that poll yourself so now you have to live with the results! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


I wouldn’t say they have gone further than the community wished. A bigger phone is not necessary “going further” than the 4,48 average which was (averagely) preferred. I noticed a lot of complains about the phone being too big, but the way you present it, it sounds like “bigger is always better” :smile:

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That’s the last thing I wanted to do. Do you think “overshoot” fits better than “going further”? (that’s how dict.cc’s translation for “Über’s Ziel hinausschießen” which is the german phrase I was thinking about.)

PS: The :ballot_box_with_check: symbols are not counted as “fulfilled wishes” in the stats, but I think it would be a bit harsh to count them as “unfulfilled wishes”.
If you look at the poll the announced screen size is between options 3 and 4 and option 3 is the second-most chosen option, so it’s not like the FP2 has a size that nobody wished for.

would still count this one as not fulfilled. Or at least as half a point :smile:

I don’t really know. Wouldn’t a “neutral” symbol be better? It’s not something “we” asked not to do, but it’s also not the thing we did ask for.
Since my German is a bit rusty (to put it mildly), I’m not going to try and give an other translation of “Über’s Ziel hinausschießen” :wink:

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Somethink along the lines of “over-achieving”?

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I think that describes it pretty well.

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