Design: Should future FP´s come w/ USB-jack @ the bottom?

Should future Fairphones come with the USB-jack at the bottom of the device?
Maybe this question doesn´t seem super-relevant in the context of this project. But besides its tiny little battle of david vs goliath, its push for truely ethical standards in a global, multi billion dollar industry, this phone, its creators (and consumers) also face another challenge: simple day-to-day usability, imperative for the project´s success.
Fairphone states how integration with already existing phone accessories was inherent to their design process in order to slim the phones overall co2/resources footprint. Thus no headphones, no charger, because: you probably already own all that. Good thinking. But what´s with my docking station, desktop charger or car mount/charger?
After having used an iphone 3gs for quite some time, I went for a LG P970 (usb-jack on top, like the Fairphone) and found it quite annoying that there was no satisfying solution for such a simple problem as putting my phone in a dock when I´m at home: charging, playing music or using it as a remote for wifi/bluetooth devices at home. With a charger on top you have to dock your phone upside down. It creates a problem where there doesn´t have to be one. My simple question: is that what good design looks like? What´s your take on that?

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Personally, I like it being at the top, but then again, I don’t use any such accessories with it.
I like it at the top because when it’s plugged in, the cable naturally flows to the outlet rather than having it wrap around the phone.

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I want it at the bottom.
When I use the phone for navigation in my car, on top of the dashboard, the top-connected cable is always a struggle.

Maybe we should have one at the bottom and one at the top? That would satisfy all, and give the benefit of two USB-connectors :slight_smile:


This is no problem because if Fairphone model takes off it should eventually be compatible to non-cabled charging.

hi there,
thxy for your comment. Well, at least it´s a problem for now, for everyone who already has said devices and wants to continue using them - which would be in tune with the FP design philosophy. That said, I completly agree with you. There´s already a number of Qi-standard smartphones available, and future definetly belongs to wireless charging / the Qi-standard. Looking at the manifold challenges (and a very verbal & involved FP-community;) I guess the question is: how soon can FP inject this technology into their phones?

I say they should already sell those they still have and support those they sold. One thing at a time…

sure. I´m with you on that. I guess the initial impulse for posting this was: where can you submit ideas / suggestions concerning the design and desired capabilities for future FP´s? For example, I searched and looked around the forum and saw a lot of threads/discussions concerning future OS´s (which is great!), but nothing concering design related usability issues like this. guess I´m gonna open up a Qi-polling-thread :wink:

And yes: one step at a time is a good philosophy :wink:

Of course it is one step at a time.
But that shouldn’t withhold anyone from sharing ideas…


@Holger_Carstensen certainly you can open a poll - I’ve created this topic to describe how to create a poll, anyone should be able to do it, and the Road Map section seems the most logical category for it to be under right now as it’s design related or under the Café section - either way it will be seen by Fairphone support teams. You can also create it directly from this topic - just click the reply as new topic (which is visible when you hover over the right side of any post in the topic).

Happy polling :wink:

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I would preffer at the bottom

Using the FP in the car while on the charger, I still prefer it on the top. It all depends on how you store the phone.

As with all discussions like this, it’s probably going to be 50/50…

For me I prefer the charging point on top. @van told me of the app Set Orientation which is the solution for me in the car.

I would prefer a second USB jack at the bottom, but software-side support for 180° rotation of screen display would be a good alternative.

I have xposed installer and Gravity Box installed - there is an option in the display settings there to “allow all rotations” so I can flip my screen upside down. The only places this doesn’t work is with the home screen/launcher/lock screen - but I think that’s an android setting and not sure if any app has broken that.