Should headphone jack be put at bottom?

don u think it will b more user friendly if the headphone jack is put at the bottom?


why is it?

For me it’s perfect at the top. :smile:



when u pull the phone out from your pocket, u dun need to turn it over…

Now that depends how you put your phone into your pocket no? I think various people would prefer it in different places depending upon how they use their phone.

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To me it makes more sense on the bottom since I often put the cord under my sweater. Plus at the moment I can’t charge and plug in my headphones/spekers at the same time.

“Don’t”, “you” and “be”.

Seriously though, I think it’s little more than personal preference.

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I think there are many different (good) opinions about this, but the designers chose to put it on top. Personally, I like it better on top.

Which is annoying. Personally, I’d like to have have the usb jack at the bottom or side, and the 3.5 jack at the top.

Bottom line: more space between usb and 3.5 would be a clever design decision, the rest is personal preference.

Me too. It works only with newer headphones which have a quite small plug.

This should be taken into account for the next Fairphone.

@Chris_R Is there already a list for collecting ideas/hints for the next phone design and implementation?

BTW: There’s a specific thread for the question “USB top or bottom?”: Design: Should future FP´s come w/ USB-jack @ the bottom?

You can list and ‘discuss’ all ideas and hints for the next phone on this forum. However, keep in mind that the support team does not ‘actively’ browse this forum. @Chris_R and myself are “Community Moderators” but we do not work for the Fairphone team.

As for now, there is no such list or anything similar. If you want to point something out directly to the Fairphone team, I’d suggest sending them an e-mail.

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I prefer the headphone jack on top, it works perfectly fine for me. I just wanted to add something positive…

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I don’t really have a preference but I was surprised that the hole was on top. For some reason I imagined it would be at the bottom. It still feels a bit odd that it’s on the top.
When I put my phone in my pocket I usually put it upside down (natural movement or old habit) so I have to change that habit if I want to listen to music.

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