Wishlist for the FP2

I support very much the possibility to attach an external microphone. If possible even with optical S/PDIF functionality, than it would make a good home audio HiFi centre and field recorder!!!

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Where can I register, not being Austrian?

The link goes exactly to the page I wanted it to go to. The problem is just that apparently there are not any communities of Fairphoners in other countries yet. If you want to be a contact person for France, just enter your user name and the other options proposed in the template. :wink: (It’s a wiki post).

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My wishes are all about reliability, stability, and the quality of connectivity and audio.

  • The connectivity WIFI receiver/sender should be stronger.
  • The connectivity of the mobile network receiver/sender should be stronger
  • The back cover should be attached much more reliably than on FP1, and when it falls down it shouldn’t be damaged too easily. (I don’t want to use an external cover; I feel the smartphones built-in protection should be enough for daily use, including occasionally dropping the phone involuntarily …)
  • The audio quality of the speaker, especially when making phone calls, should be improved.

so overall, I’m not looking for huge steps in performance (like speed or so), but for higher quality of essential features of a smart PHONE and pocket computer …

p.s.: sorry if I can’t call all technical terms correctly. If you don’t understand what I mean, please ask


I think wireless charging is not useful at all.
For the FP2, the thing that really matters is not to repeat the problems of the first iteration :

  • Android updates for at least 3 years
  • A well-working chipset (GPS problems…)
    Ameliorations come after:
  • 2GB of RAM
  • NFC
  • USB type C
  • Better camera
  • Water resistance (or at least micro-coating)
  • Front facing stereo speakers (I don’t think it’d be more expensive to have the second speaker on the front instead of the back)

Design : I would love a wooden back cover, and that seems great to show in a simple way that this phone is more world-friendly than the others.

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I agree on the physical button(s) too. I love my iPod shuffle for the same reason - fumbling around with my phone to turn on the screen, pause the podcast/music is such a faff compared to a quick physical click.

Oh, this just occurred to me yesterday, and I’m surprised I forgot about it before (apologies if this has been mentioned; I don’t recall seeing it mentioned in this thread)…

Audio Profiles!

I would like to see more flexibility of audio profiles for different functions, and a better ability for the FP to store the settings. For example…

I like to use “Meeting” setting, i.e. vibrate only, no ringtones. But if I use the volume button for the camera shutter, that affects the overall audio profile, so I’m not in Meeting mode any more. It’s the same if I use a music app… my volume setting then changes the overall Meeting setting.

Basically, I think it should be possible to lock the overall phone audio profile, and then set separate levels/profiles for audio/video apps.

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OT: In Gravity Box’s Media Settting you can activate the “Expanded Volume Controls”, which lets you set the different audio levels independently.

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What I find a problem with cell phones, is that the screen is difficult to read, in particular in light circumstances, hence outdoors.
Such a problem is absent with e-ink e-readers.
Hence I thought that it would be nice if the normal screen can be switched into an e-ink version. Black on white letters is perfect for emails and more.
If it is technically not possible to switch one screen into another mode, then it may be a possibillity to have the e-ink screen on one side, and the standard screen on the other side. Yes, it will be heavier, and yes, it will be thicker.

It’s not possible to switch technology in one screen, but there already is a phone with two screens, lcd on the front e-ink on the back. See: http://yotaphone.com

But I personally don’t need a second screen. I think of this as a niche feature, maybe interesting as an option. Connector on the back of the phone and the possibility to buy a second screen separately.

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I moved a post to an existing topic: Changing default SIM card for data connection?

Hello Guys from Fairphone,

I just wanted to tell you what I would suggest to make your product better.
Firstly when I’m hearing music I wanted the music program to be still open when I stop the music for a little time. So that I just need to slide down the banner to make the music play again.

Secondly I would suggest to have a green light for whatsapp and maybe snapchat. A blue light for emails and facebook and a red light just for a low battery. Always when my battery is low I think that I got a mail on whatsapp or snapchat…

You are doing a good job !

Thank you
Jacky <3

I moved your post here because I think it fits well into the wishlist.

About your first point: As long as you don’t remove it from there the music app should stay in the “recent apps” (long press on home button), if it isn’t then maybe you have to change your “background process limit” (settings > developer options).
Also you can use a widget to continue playing music from where you last stopped. I use Power Toggles.

First of all, Jacky, this is a community forum - written and read by people like you. While the “Whishlist” certainly is on the radar of some people at Fairphone, it’s not constantly checked by them, and they rarely have the time to react here.

The great thing about the Fairphone is that you can do stuff like that yourself. You do have privileges as a FP customer people on other devices (e.g., an iPhone) have not - you’ve got “root” rights. (Ok, setting different coloours for different apps is probably not the best example, as you can often even do that from within the app in question. (Check for it under settings, maybe after tapping the menu touch button, bottom left.)

If you can’t do it from the app, you can use the XPosed framework and GravityBox to do exactly that: change the colour of the app for each event separately. You can start learning about them using the links in the community-written Fairphone dictionary.

I see there are still posts on this thread, while the FP2 hardware specs must be quite frozen at this moment.
I believe things still worth discussing now may be software-related.
One such item could be, for FP1 owners, how to move apps, documents and settings from an FP1 to the FP2.
I know this somehow contradicts the long-lasting aim for the FP (and this probably won’t concern me indeed) but OTOH most people here all have FP1s, and certainly many will be interested by a ‘seamless’ transfer…
If I were to switch FP1=> FP2 such an app or process would become my number 1 target :wink:

@Herve5 Good point, most point here are related to hardware and software support for that like better GPS, sensors, brightness settings etc. Given that and considering the massive amount of replies here, im might be a good idea to start a dedicated software wishlist.

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Add “replaceable cell (buffer) battery on the mainboard” to the whishlist.
It does not even need to be easily replaceable, but should be so without soldering, and it should be specified somewhere which type of battery would be a correct replacement.


Very good idea, as this is a wiki post, feel free to add this above.

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I will like a more powerful flash.
All the photos I do with flash and the screen go dark emits more light than the flash.


I closed the topic and unwikified the first post. The FP2 specs were announced:

Check here which wishes were fulfilled and which weren’t:

This topic is now closed. New replies are no longer allowed.

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