First Fairphone Webinar - 15 December 2015 [19:00 CET, 18:00 UTC/GMT]

Oh dear… we will have to look into that. I am not sure if we can fix this…
Thank you for such a quick and early warning @urs_lesse!

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From France, it works… Am I right that it will start at 7 p.m. (CET)?

Yes! 19:00 Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Rome time :smile:

For this issues I normally use the epic browser( ). It as an internal global proxy, so you can view even blocked youtube videos in germany.

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I installed the YouTube Unblocker plugin an now can access the video from Germany.


Just a summary from what I read in the forum. I’m trying to follow douwe’s advice, I hope I understood correctly what he wanted to say by focusing on the product. If not, just ignore the question.

  • BT - What’s supported? (I guess it supports all BT modes, but many people have asked about this in the forum)
  • Backup (The FP1 software back/restore had some small issues) Will this work well between FP1 & FP2 and other smartphones for people that switch? Is the main app stock android?
  • How much software on the phone is stock android and what applications differ/are based on other sources/Kwamecorp?
  • How much input can the charger module of the FP2 take? Is it based on usb-specs? Or more (fast charging, >5 Volts)?
  • Can the FP take other well known brand batteries as backup? Or is there only one custom made battery for the FP2 that will fit?
  • Explain the rooted/not rooted by default – or app store by default issue? In more detail so that most people will understand pros/cons.
  • There was a question about the audio resolution.
  • GPS - startup performance first fix?
  • And although there is a bigger goal that was well explained by @anon2751513 - how many fair materials ended up in the FP2 and where? Is there hope that the number/amount of fair materials will be increased during the production? How does this compare to the FP1?

Thanks. That’s all that comes to mind right now. Please keep in mind that this is what I found in the forum, those are not so much my questions or very important ones. So I leave that “absolutely” to the guys making the video. Most of those questions could also be answered by publishing technical specifications of the phone’s hardware and its SoC/software.

Update: The webinar will be available later as as a video, right? It’s not a one time only live thing, I assume. Not all conferences are normally recorded, that’s why I’m asking. I assume it’s just a premade video not live, right?


ProxTube makes it work like a charm

And Vienna time. :wink:

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Hey, @Douwe or @anon90052001, can you please let us know if there will be a video version of the webinar available after it has taken place? (Meaning if we can watch a recorded version of it after the fact if we don’t have time to watch live tomorrow evening)?

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Hey @emmy, the video will be available for watching after the event has happened.
If you have any questions you’d like to have answered, please write them here in this thread.

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Awesome, thanks for the quick response! :slight_smile:

This is as superficial as it gets, but I’ve been wondering if it will be possible to apply a custom icon set using the default launcher.

Neat. I’ll have to give this a whirl. Although for some reason Avira considers the installer malware.

I have a question: when and how it will be possible to install an AOSP Google-free ROM on the Fairphone 2? For me it’s very important, and hopefully we are close to the final shipment (even if I think that I will receive mine the next year)?

Thank you


hey all!
I’m really excited about the FP2 approaching!
I think it would be great if you could introduce it for the average Samsung s3 (or what else) standard user whom you successfully got going to do a fairphone invest instead of taking the 2-year-circle supported device. I guess there are many of us, at least thats my past.

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Question here: Do you really want to release a new set of phones when Fairphone’s vision to be replacing parts of a Fairphone to make it last? What happens to the first version of the Fairphone then? Will you continually release new versions of Fairphones?

We’re getting ready!


I have another question: Will it be possible to have the FP2 rooted AND with Fairphone OS and Google Apps, like FP1?

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Let me answer that: Yes, yes & yes. And yes to the combination of all three.

My “counter” question: Will it be possible to have FP OS WITHOUT google or will living without google just be possible with stock android?


I can watch the webinar! Yes! :grinning: