Fairphone 3 microphone issues

Whenever I call somebody or record my voice with the Fairphone 3 the recorded voice is very silent and dull. It doesn’t matter if I talk to the bottom or top microphone, so I think it is a software issue. Does anybody else have this problem?


You could download the #dic:checkup app to make sure it’s not a hardware issue.

Apart from a software or hardware issue it could also be a provider issue. To rule that out you could try a different SIM from a different provider.


Thank you. I installed the checkup app, but the microphone tests are very basic. I can only test whether the microphones work at all, which I already know that they do. The problem is the sound quality, my voice sounds really mumbled even if I talk loud and clearly. I don’t think it’s a provider issue, because I don’t have the problem only when making phone calls, but also when recording my voice with an audio recorder app as well as when using the checkup app.

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The checkup app doesn’t only tell you if the microphones work at all.
If the same sound quality issues occur during the tests then it’s a hardware issue.


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I really hope this isn’t a common issue. I just ordered a FP3 3 days ago because I’m fed up by the sheer amount of problems my FP2 causes… one of them (and the one that finally convinced me to buy a new phone) is the inability to have a call without shouting into the mic. That’s a few weeks after replacing my bottom module for a new one.

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No issue at all with my phone, and since quite a bunch of people have received their phone (as it seems from the amount of discussions in other topics) I would hope it’s not a general issue… Though, I had no mic issues with my FP2 as well (but quite a bunch of others as well).

If that helps, my motivation was much the same as yours, and was blasted away by how good my FP3 is, so I’m keeping fingers crossed it will be like this for you, too!!

Fairphone has just explained the delay in deliveries with an “audio issue” affecting 1% of the phones. It might be this one.


They haven’t said what the audio issue is though which is a little unhelpful


I’m also having a dilemma about whether to give up on my FP2, having to have phone calls on speaker, and also having to shout! Resent having to buy a new phone, and would be even more annoyed if it happened again.

Hi, I have the exact same problem with my FP3. I sent an email to Fairphone almost two weeks ago and I haven’t heard from them yet except that they have been busy and will get back to me as soon as they can…

I have also got the same problem with my new Fairphone 3 and just posted a mail to support about it.

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I do have the same issued, just in Case of Phone calls

Hi! I have this problem as well but it happens from time to time.
Also with both microphone and speaker while calling. I use new FP3 and problems came up pretty soon.
It always helped when I simply restart the phone.
I’m sure this is about software, my last phone (Ulefone armour) had exactly the same OS and exactly same problems.

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I also have the same problem. When I receive or make a call people only just can hear what I say. Very anoying. It appeared after having the fp3 a couple of weeks. Those of you who contacted customer service, have you heard back from them?

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Same issue. Using same simcard as earlier phones (iphone), but the mic on the FP3 is tuned too low.

Any news, Wyvern? Did they get back to you?

Yes I did get back from the support team and they have been helpful after that. I forgot to get to the forum when they did though…

Anyway, they asked me to help them test the device and diagnose the problem by:

  1. Opening the phone dial pad
  2. Entering *#*#66#*#* to show testing menu with three sub-menus
  3. Selecting Service tests > Test Single > Microphone. This test is for two microphones. First, you need to say something to test the primary microphone (Mic1). Then the test will playback what you just said. After Mic1 test is completed, you can tap ‘Change to Test Mic2’ to test the secondary microphone (Mic2) with the same procedure. If you cannot hear anything, that means there is a problem with the modules. Specify to the support team which one is not working properly

If you want to stop the test, tap Back navigation key. Choose FAIL or PASS accordingly.

I had problems with the secondary microphone (Mic2) and I was given two options by the support team:

  1. Send your FP3 back and get a new one
  2. Send your FP3 back and get a refund

Tell the support team what you want to do and they will give you further instructions.

I hope this answer will help you who have experienced the same problem as I did.


I got the same issue with my FP3. The caller complaints that it sounds like I’m far away and that they barely hear me. However, when I switch to speaker, they hear me well. I’ve done the mic test, and both sounds ok. It must be some software issue? I hardly want to send it back just to get a new one. Afterall, that’s part of why we buy these phones right?